Study Abroad Consultants in Chandigarh


One of the greatest reasons for planning to study abroad is the opportunity to explore a new pattern of life in an entirely new country. One can explore and appreciate numerous activities, customs and approaches. Apart from studying you get to explore vast and beautiful landmarks, natural marvels and majestic landscapes. Also, you get the opportunity to visit neighboring countries. For example in case you are planning to study in European country say Germany, it is easy to explore cities like Rome, Paris, London or Barcelona. The opportunity to study abroad makes it feasible to learn newer skills or experience newer style of education, learning different language skills and a newer perspective on culture. To understand the process of applying for your choice of study abroad destination you need to make sure you are able to contact the best consultant who has experience of years and can guide you as per your need.

Study Abroad Consultants in Chandigarh can guide you with the best programs for top study abroad destinations.


Study abroad consultants in Chandigarh for Canada


Studying in Canada offers quality education along with the opportunity of practical experience along with the perk of settlement option. Studying in Canada offers you accessibility to quality education from leading institutes which have been ranked on a global scale. The average cost of tuition is manageable from CAD 15000 to 20000 which you would be required to pay every semester. There are numerous work opportunities where students can opt to work part time during their academic sessions and full time during holidays and educational breaks. One can opt to study diploma programs, advanced diploma programs, bachelors, post graduate and doctoral degrees. There are numerous Canadian scholarships for Indian students and also huge range of universities and colleges to choose from in different provinces of Canada. Whether you choose a community college, private college or university the options are wide one just needs to ensure the institute has a registered DLI number stating it is a designated learning institute as under the Canadian educational norms. Choosing study abroad consultants in Chandigarh for your study in Canada application can provide you complete guidance on what are the requirements of the application process as per your needs. One of the crucial aspects is to score the minimum language proficiency requirement or IELTS 6 in each module is appreciated and gives you access to faster processing time study program called student direct stream. In case if you score 5.5 in one of the module then you can still apply for study abroad program in Canada under the non-SDS or general category of application. In this the time would be comparatively more for application processing as compared to SDS. Once you are a Canadian degree holder you can apply for post study work permit which is an extension on your study visa to work in Canada. The duration of this would depend on your course duration for which your study abroad consultants in Chandigarh are your best advisor.


Study abroad consultants in Chandigarh for Australia


Australia is another top study abroad destination preferred by Indian students. Australian universities and colleges stand strong and tall among the QS ranking and offer top-quality education and facilities to international students. Other than education Australia offers international students comfort and security even when they are away from home. There is a wide range of programs and study courses to choose from, be it a vocational course or a research program you wish to enroll for. The courses are available as per various academic interests, budget and language levels. Courses such as Automobile, Cookery, graphic designing are available for students who have cleared their higher secondary examination and have low IELTS score of 5.5 and second division marks -under vocational job oriented diplomas. For others who make with first division and IELTS score of 6 can opt to study in diploma, advanced diploma and bachelor degrees. Further, you could also opt for study in a master’s coursework or research. Another plus point of Australia study program is that Australian institutes accept IELTS, PTE and TOEFL scores. Study in Australia offers you option to applying for study programs even if you score point 5 less on your IELTS scores by joining ELICOS classes. High quality education in Australia is possible under an affordable tuition cost which range from AUD 15000 to 30000. The simplified student visa framework of Australia has simplified the process of applying for Australia study visa with quicker response time which your study abroad consultants in Chandigarh can rightly guide you for with the requirements and procedure. You can further take your spouse along to Australia on an Australia student spouse visa with assistance of your study abroad consultants in Chandigarh.



Study abroad consultants in Chandigarh for Germany



Germany is another popular destination among international students popular due to the vastness of its technological advancement along with its educational system which is offers top of the class facilities and knowledge pool through its various universities and colleges. One can choose to study in Germany in numerous types of educational hubs such as universities, applied science universities, universities of cooperative education. One of the top reasons why students plan on consulting study abroad consultants in Chandigarh for Germany is the fact that German education is state sponsored so majority of educational institutes do not charge tuition fee which results in free of cost education. The only expenditure students have to think about is the lifestyle, accommodation and minor administration cost of studying in a German institute. Further, one can opt for studying in Germany and working part time hours in a year accounting for 240 or 120 full days. Courses are taught both in German and English languages so your study abroad consultants in Chandigarh can rightly guide you with the best program. At West Highlander Study Abroad Consultancy meet ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor (Qualification:#ITAC 0037) who have expertise in providing counselling in terms of Study in Germany. Along with having expert-advice and information from the experienced Study Abroad Consultants for Germany, West Highlander also offers excellent admission counselling services that helped many students to get into their desired college/university based in the country they’ve chosen.




Study abroad consultants in Chandigarh for UK



UK is an educational hub for the longest time and holds a special place due to its historical record of being the foremost educational names with renowned institutes. Every year thousands of students under the expert advice of study abroad consultants in Chandigarh consult and look for the best programs for UK. The institutes in the country are ranked among the best educational institutes and there are vast options for international students to study in UK. You can opt for the right program and institutes based on your study goal. Study in UK offers TIER 4 student with the option of choosing the right pathway and applying for UK study visa. Streamlined processing is an option available for students planning to get on with a Master’s course or a course of 13 months duration or less at some universities. The eligibility requirement of study in UK programs requires you to fetch CAS letter from your TIER 4 sponsor, funds, language levels for which your study abroad consultants in Chandigarh can rightly guide you with advice and assistance on completing the requirements. In case your medium of instruction in school was English then there is a provision of waiving off your language requirement on providing MOI certificate. You can also include your spouse in your application and they can accompany you to UK. In case you are a TIER 4 student sponsored by higher educational institute (HEI) in a full time course then you are permitted to work while studying for 20 hours per week. In case your course is degree level under HEI then you are allowed to work 10 hours per week. International students can work during vacation full time. The processing time of UK study visa for TIER 4 student is around 20 days.


Study abroad consultants in Chandigarh for New Zealand


Among International students New Zealand is yet another top choice to pursue their dream of further education. New Zealand offers excellent standard of quality. International students all across the globe come to study in New Zealand. Universities in New Zealand have strong international ranking and rank among the QS worldwide ranking. Auckland University of Technology, Lincoln University, Massey University, Victoria University, University of Waterloo, University of Waikato, University of Canterbury and University of Otago comprise total of 8 universities in New Zealand all ranking high on the standards and quality education with affordable quality education. One can choose university, polytechnic or private tertiary institutes to study in New Zealand under the right program. New Zealand has very low crime rate and is among the best places to live in the world. It is a friendly multicultural country with vibrant cultures. From bachelor to doctoral and research programs the education is very affordable in New Zealand. Students can work 20 hours per week while being enrolled in a course. During the holidays one can work full time. Post study work visa in New Zealand is for 12 months duration. Further, you can apply for spouse’s dependent visa too along with your study visa. Consult your study abroad consultants in Chandigarh to get complete information on the same. West Highlander is one of the leading names in study in New Zealand programs offering highest quality of immigration services successfully for last 15 years. Ms Parwinder Kaur, one of the key personnel of West Highlander is a licensed immigration adviser licensed by Immigration Adviser Authority – IAA, New Zealand.