Study abroad programs in Montreal (Canada)




Montreal is one of the leading cities and one of the largest cities in Quebec. The province has become a preferred choice for international students all over the world specially the city, Montreal. The city has been ranked best cites twice in the last 5 years by QS for best student cities. The city boasts of being a cultural capital and is home to various world class educational institutions. Being a massive city it is natural that the city has numerous economic activities around providing gainful employment to its students.


Montreal comes in the same category of popular big cities such as Ottawa and Toronto for being a hub of international students and offering a multicultural environment to make the students comfortable.


Students who wish to study in Montreal would be keen to know the study abroad programs in Montreal.


Going forward we would be discussing the top study abroad programs in Montreal offered by top universities in Montreal.


The big 6 or famous 6 universities in Montreal are:


  1. McGill University
  2. Concordia University
  3. Polytechnic School of Montreal
  4. University of Montréal
  5. HEC Montréal
  6. University of Quebec- School of Higher Technology



Going forward we shall be discussing the top study abroad programs in Montreal (Canada) offered by these universities.


McGill University



  1. McGill University was established in the year 1821 and is one of the best known universities in Canada and has a global reach.
  2. McGill University has been ranked number one in Bursaries and Scholarships in Maclean University’s ranking.
  3. The university offers more than 300 degree subjects in more than 10 different fields for study abroad programs in Montreal.
  4. Here are few popular courses for international students:
  5. Engineering
  6. Law
  7. Management
  8. Medicine
  9. Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  10. Arts
  11. Dentistry
  12. Education
  13. Science
  14. Music


Concordia University


  1. The Concordia University offers numerous courses in various disciples.
  2. The university was established in 1974.
  3. Since 2016 the university has ranked consecutively among top 61-70th universities by QS rankings.
  4. The most popular study abroad programs in Montreal by Concordia University:
  1. Psychology
  2. Accounting
  3. Finance
  4. Media studies
  5. Art and design &
  6. Education is among few of the most popular courses.


  1. The university offers co-op opportunity to students where in you could study and get practical experience at the same time.



Polytechnic School of Montreal


  1. Polytechnic school of Montreal is one of the major teaching and research engineering institutes in Canada.
  2. The technical school offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and research programs in engineering.
  3. Polytechnic School of Montreal is ranked 29th in Canada for university ranking in Canada.
  4. For research chairs in Canada it has been ranked number one in the country.




University of Montreal


  1. University of Montreal is one on the most popular and sought after educational institutes in Canada.
  2. The university is popular for its multicultural diverse student population, almost 25% of the entire student intake is from outside Canada in University of Montreal.
  3. In terms of undergraduate study abroad programs there are more than 250 courses.
  4. For graduate study abroad programs the number is above 350.
  5. The university has been ranked among top 100 global leading universities for life sciences and medicine.
  6. Many renowned personalities have been alumni of this university such as Michelle Jean 27th governor general of Canada, Pierre Trudeau 15th Prime Minister of Canada and many more.
  7. The research centre established in University of Montreal-Montreal centre for international studies is a popular choice for research scholars and academicians.


HEC Montreal



  1. HEC Montreal is oldest and most prominent business schools in Canada. If you are planning on opting for an MBA study abroad programs in Montreal then HEC Montreal can be a right choice for you.
  2. The accredited business schools –AACSB, EQUIS & AMBA feature regularly in the top world rankings by Bloomberg, Financial Times and Top universities.
  3. The business school has close ties with industry and therefore students can be benefitted in terms of knowledge, internships and employment opportunities.
  4. HEC Montreal offers a one year MBA program with a minimal tuition fee and opportunity for leading placements and is a popular choice among international students.
  5. The school witnesses students from more than 20 countries applying on a regular basis,
  6. Talking about average salaries for HEC Montreal graduates it is CAD 93,655.
  7. The university was ranked 45th by Financial times for the year 2018.
  8. Bloomberg in 2019 ranked it 119 on a global scale.




School of Higher Technology- University of Quebec


  1. The university was established in the year 1974 and is a non profit higher education institute located in Montreal.
  2. It witness more than 15,000 students enrolling and is officially recognized by Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Quebec.
  3. The university offered pre bachelor degrees-certificate, diploma and association or foundation courses, bachelor programs, master programs and several doctorate programs in numerous areas.
  4. The university has admission range of 80% and is selection based on your previous academic records and grades.


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