Study Animation and Graphic Designing in New Zealand

Animation is an advanced channel to transform an image or object into a series of moving images while Graphic Designing involves visual communication and problem solving by making use of photography, typography and illustration. Animation, graphic designing, video editing; all these terms have brought a fresh vibe into the worldly atmosphere and have widened the scope in commercial industry manifold. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that animation and graphic designing have earned an undeniable and lasting grip in commercial space and have provided the world a new look that is far more innovative and fascinating. From tiny tots to elderly people, graphic designing has captured the eye of everyone possible.

Media companies, advertisements, film and video production industry, game design industry, web design firms, product design and manufacturing firms, aerospace and environmental agencies, interior design firms, building technology firms, real estate companies, animation studios, etc. make use of animation and graphic designing. There is an invigorating scope in the field of multimedia.

There are various colleges and universities in New Zealand which offer commendable expertise to their students in the field of designing, among these two are considered best, these are –

Best Institutions in New Zealand for Animation and Graphic Designing Program –

Media Design School – The institute, situated in the heart of Auckland, has nurtured an enviable reputation for producing creative and outstanding professionals. The institute offers diploma and bachelor’s degree with specialization in graphic design, creative media, interactive media or motion design. For the students having done bachelor’s course already, they can opt for a master’s program which can make them proficient in their skill under the guidance of industry oriented skilled professionals. For students, desirous of attaining education in New Zealand, this seems to be one of the best options.

University College of Learning (UCOL) – The university offers various certificate courses, diplomas, bachelor’s program and PG program in designing. One can go in for the program as per requirement. The program covers courses such as designing, drawing, visual language, etc. Along with these, there are some elective courses as well from which students can study the subjects of their choice and interest. The result oriented course has high employability rate and is recognized worldwide. Whanganui School of Design, which is a part of UCOL University, has produced the smartest of talents and also provided art and design creative services to the Hollywood movies. The graduate pass outs from UCOL have opportunities to work with industry leaders such as WETA Digital, Digital Arts Network, Saatchi and Saatchi, TUNZ and so on.

Who can apply for the course?

Anyone having an interest in multimedia can opt for the art and design program in New Zealand. The students who have completed their senior secondary can opt for the full-time bachelor’s program for study in New Zealand while Diploma or degree holders can enhance their knowledge and skill by settling for a master’s program.

Promising Career opportunities –

  • The animation and multimedia industry is fairly large owing to its vast usage in all the industries. Being the service performed through electronic technology, a designer can serve its clients from any corner of the world and can have clientele all over the world.
  • With the presence of such a huge market and demand of professional and appropriately skills and creative designers, one can earn handsome money in a nick of time.
  • Graphic Designers are hired on part-time as well as full time basis by the companies ranging from small to large according to the requirement. It is a sunrise sector for the world economy and is making growth strides with time.

New Zealand – Home to the animation and Graphic Designing career, design industry has contributed $10.1 billion to the GDP of the economy in the last year. The global hub for design, New Zealand attracts students from far corners of the world including students from United States, and other developed nations. It is the largest exporter of design services throughout the world.

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