Study in Canada SDS process explained step by step in detail.

Step 1   Choose your Study in Canada Consultant
The first and most important of all the steps – if you would like to avail the services of a consultant choose your consultant wisely.
How to choose the right consultant?
Look for the following before finalizing your consultant

  • Professional memberships and industry licenses
  • Experience in Canada student visa application
  • Success rate
  • Services provided and charges
  • Direct Contracts with universities and colleges.

Step 2 Select the right Course
Select the right course as the success of your Study in Canada visa application largely depends on it.
How to choose the right course?
These are important indicators of selection of a right course.

  • Relevant course
  • Level of course
  • Course shows study progression
  • Depicts your career outcomes

Step 3 Check for available intakes and apply offer letter
Canada has got major intakes of September and January with many colleges offering May intake also. Check for availability of seats in your proposed course to avoid delays. Also check if you meet the admission requirements of the course before finalizing the course and sending the admission application.
How do I check if the course I propose to do is available in immediate next intake?
Check with your consultant and ask for the latest updates about the availability of seats. The information must be current when you apply for offer letter.
Step 4 Receive offer of a place
Once you receive your offer letter you start with further process as below
Step 5 Open GIC account
Under SDS program for Study in Canada you must have a GIC Certificate of 10,000 dollars
How do I open my GIC account?
Your Study in Canada consultant would assist you with this. After you receive your offer of a place you can open your GIC account.
STEP 6 Pay your one year tuition fee and GIC amount of $ 10,000
Step 7 Gather documentation
Gather all the documentation required for your Study in Canada application under SDS program.
What documents are required under Student Direct Stream for Canada student visa?
Below are the which you must attach with your Study in Canada application

  • Offer of a place from designated learning institute
  • Receipt for one year of tuition fee
  • GIC certificate of Canadian dollars 10,000
  • Upfront medical
  • Academic IELTS score sheet with at least 6 in each of the four modules
  • All transcripts and certificates
  • Letter of explanation

Step 8 File your Canada student visa application
After all the above steps fill in the application forms and apply for your Study in Canada visa application online.
Why should I select West Highlander as my Study in Canada visa consultant?
West Highlander based in Chandigarh is a study abroad consultancy having years of experience in dealing with Study in Canada applications. Our team of experienced and qualified counsellors have in depth discussion with the students to understand their career aspirations and then suggest a course which is relevant and shows the study progression thus selecting the right course for you. We have been in this industry since 2005 and have successfully served hundreds of study abroad aspirants. One of the key team members is a Canada course Graduate. (CCEA) (Graduate No. – CGC00099) and have got in-depth knowledge about Study in Canada. We have till date successfully served many Students aspiring to Study in Canada.