Study in New Zealand- Apply your file through Licensed Immigration Adviser

Are you thinking of studying in New Zealand?
Doesn’t know whom to ask for guidance! Then, here is the solution of your problem.
New Zealand has Licensed Immigration Advisors for New Zealand to answer all your queries related to immigration of New Zealand.
Who is a Licensed Immigration Advisor for New Zealand?
The Licensed Immigration Advisor is there to support and provide all the knowledge of immigration to New Zealand including to give you advice on Study in New Zealand. The Advisor is licensed by the Immigration Advisor’s Authority of New Zealand. Only these advisors have authority to provide the information about the immigration of New Zealand.
To search a Licensed Immigration Advisor for New Zealand, go on the official website of IAA
Why do we need a Licensed Advisor for New Zealand?
To seek advice for the immigration to New Zealand, you only need to consult a Licensed Advisor. No other person without a license is allowed to offer advices regarding the visas applications and immigration concerned with New Zealand.
*It’s illegal to advice people regarding New Zealand without license: Committing offense under the Immigration Act. Same goes for the people who’re exempted from their license.
What are the benefits for approaching a Licensed Advisor of NZ?

  • The Advisor is going to maintain the professionalism and integrity throughout. They’re updated and will charge reasonable price to maintain the Code of Conduct.
  • Secondly, they’re going to assist you in preparing your visa file to be lodged to study in New Zealand with zero error and will guide you through settling options in NZ as well.

Please note that: If you get your visa filed for your family in New Zealand through unlicensed person then your application will automatically will get cancelled for visa.
Visit West Highlander to consult a Licensed Immigration Advisor for New Zealand to study in New Zealand.

  • The Director of West Highlander, Ms Parwinder Kaur is a Licensed Immigration Adviser certified by IAA-Immigration Advisors Authority (New Zealand Govt.). Her License no. 201002008. You can check here
  • She has guided many students wished to study in New Zealand and has help them to get their visa approved.
  • West Highlander is in running under the Director Ms. Parwinder Kaur and the managing director Mr Gurvinder Kang since 2005.
  • The services of West Highlander are honest and transparent and have guided many students to land on their educational destinations for studies successfully.