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Top Benefits of Studying in SVP Colleges in Australia

Streamlined Visa Process (SVP) is bliss for those students who are from high risk countries and want to study in Australia.  Before understanding the benefits of studying in SVP colleges in Australia, let us first understand what SVP is.

What is SVP?

SVP allows assessment level 2 and 3 students or those students who are from high risk countries such as India, Russia, China, etc to have their visa applications processed faster than the normal applications. Instead of having your documents assessed by the department of immigration, the documents will be assessed by your education provider. To become eligible for SVP, you need to study a course like advanced diploma, bachelor degree, master’s degree, etc. Without SVP, it may take around 2-3 months to have your visa application processes. But under SVP, your visa application can be processed under a week.

Benefits of SVP

  • You do not need to provide evidence for your English level (IELTS, TOEFL Scores), evidence of your funds and other required documents.
  • Instead of having your evidentiary documents assessed by the Department of Immigration, documents will be assessed by your education provider. The enrollment process may take longer because of this and you may require providing more documents to your educational provider.
  • Under SVP, assessment students can have their visa applications processed faster than normal.
  • The rate of visa success is higher in case of SVP arrangement.
  • SVP colleges offer numerous courses to students such as degree programs, advanced diploma programs and certificate diploma courses.

Students when completed their degree studies at Masters, bachelor or PhD are eligible to post study work permit. Students will not require any job offer for the same. Students can work in their industry and if they get any kind of sponsorship, they may apply for permanent residency.   However, this will depend on the visa regulations applications at the time of application.

Why choose West Highlander?

West Highlander is a professionally managed immigration company offering expert services to the clients. The director of West Highlander- Ms Parwinder Kaur is licensed by Migration Agents Registration Authority-MARA, is a member of Migration Institute of Australia, Certified Migration Agent Australia, Qualified Counselor for Australia (QEAC-Qualified Education Agent Counselor) Certified by PIER.