top colleges in British Columbia

Top Colleges in British Columbia

One of the populated provinces in Canada and preferred choice among Indian students is British Columbia. With its multicultural society and comfort of being at home yet away from home is becoming popular among Indian students planning on taking study abroad programs to Canada and specifically looking for it in British Columbia.

Here is a complete list of the most popular and top colleges in British Columbia under the guidance of best Canada study consultants in Chandigarh


  1. British Columbia Institute of Technology


BCIT as it is commonly known as British Columbia Institute of technology is a polytechnic institute publically situated in Burnaby.The institute has five campuses which are located in the metro region of Vancouver and its main campus situated in Burnaby. The well-liked campuses comprise Aerospace Technology Campus in Richmond, Marine Campus in North Vancouver, Downtown campus in Vancouver and Annacis Island Campus in Delta. The schools works on vocational and technical training providing apprenticeships for skill trades along with diplomas, degrees in vocational education for skilled techs and workers working in fields such as engineering, accounts, business administration, communication, digital arts, computing, medicine, architecture and law. Currently, BCIT has an enrollment rate of 18,755 full-time students and 30,593 part time students. It boasts of being the force behind 125,000 alumni.


  1. Langara College


Langara College is another public college situated in Vancouver British Columbia and has around 22 thousand students being provided education every year. The courses and programs offered are arts, business, health, humanities and social services, science and technology and university studies. The courses offered at Langara College are at bachelors, associate, diplomas, certificates and citations. There are 3-year degree programs also offered by the college- nursing, recreation management and business administration. The college offers academic programs in more than 60 subjects. It boasts of having small classroom sizes and affordable tuition fee. There are several courses offered to students to enhance their career studies by enrolling in certificate, diploma or bachelor courses. Further, there are more than 700 courses for continuing education for students planning to give their career another start!


  1. VCC


Vancouver Community College is situated in BC and is among the largest and oldest community college in Canada with around 78 certificate programs, 30 plus diploma programs and bachelor’s degree programs. VCC has 3 campuses that include Broadway, Annacis Island and Downtown. VCC has around 26,000 students enrolling every year of which 8 percent constitute international students.


  1. Camosun College


Camosun College is a community college situated in Greater Victoria area of BC.   The college has two main campuses one in Lansdowne and the other in Interurban. Along with students enrolled for continuing education the college has an annual intake of 20,000 students. Camosun offers contractual training for local businesses, innovation, research, and for prototyping services for industries and co-op facilities for students and employers. Lansdowne campus offers access programs and university transfers along with technical, career and vocational programs in areas such as arts, sciences, business, health and human services. The other campus in Interurban offers programs specializing in trades, technologies, business, sport, exercise education and access programs.


  1. College of the Rockies


College of the Rockies is another public community college in British Columbia. While the main campus of the College of Rockies is situated in Cranbrook the regional campuses are situated in 5 areas including Creston, Fernie, Golden, Invermere and Kimberley. The college has both in class and online courses specializing in areas such as university studies, adult basic education, family studies, health and child youth, administrative studies, tourism, computer technology, fire service and trades.   The college offers Mountain Adventure skill training and tourism programs owing to the natural setting and mountain ranges which ensure a student has blended learning.



  1. Selkirk College



Selkirk College is other popular community colleges in British Columbia. The community college offers around 60 programs and is the first regional community college in BC. The college boasts of providing over 75 million Canadian dollars in economic activities and employs more than 500 full and part time staff for more than 2500 full time students. It has eight campus and learning centers all across West Kootenay and Boundary regions. The college offers variety of courses for academic, technical, vocational and career programs in full time, part time and on line platforms. Some of the popular faculty includes schools of business and aviation, digital media and music, health and human services, hospitality and tourism, industry and trades training, renewable resources, university arts and sciences, adult basic education and transitional training.


  1. Northern Lights


In case you are planning to enroll yourself in post-secondary education particularly in Northern British Columbia then Northern Lights College is the place for you. It has campuses and access centers situated in 8 communities across Northern BC. The major programs offered by Northern Lights College are trades and apprenticeships, career and college preparation, workforce training, oil and gas training, clean energy technology, early childhood education, care assistant, teacher training,  practical nursing, and aircraft maintenance engineering.


  1. Okanagan College


Okanagan College is another public post-secondary institute located in Kelowna BC. The college offers more than 120 certificates, diplomas and degree programs along with apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship trades programs and boasts of having the largest campus. The college receives over 1000 international students and around 8500 students in full time courses enrolled at the four regional campuses. The college also has second-largest trade school in BC.



  1. The College of New Caledonia


Another popular choice for post secondary educational institutions in British Columbia is the College of New Caledonia. A popular feature of CNC is the small class sizes. The college has a high enrollment rate of around 5,000 students in health sciences, trades, university studies, career access and continuing education.



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