UK point based immigration system

UK point based immigration system

UK the fifth largest economy in the world has become choice of many when it comes to immigration for career success. Sought after country by international students UK has revised its point based immigration system for both EU and Non EU citizen. The revision in the policy is favorable for all the migrants and international students who wish to apply for work in economic markets of UK.

Revised policy and Point based immigration system

UK point based immigration system has put forward specific requirement criteria which candidates need to fulfill. The criteria enable the candidates to score points. A minimum of 70 points under the UK point based system is required to ensure visa.

For migrants planning to move to UK different immigration routes enable them to be identified by UK employer/ sponsors. The UK immigration points system is an effective and flexible arrangement welcoming all foreign migrants to work in the country.

Mandatory characteristics for Point based system

Following are the mandatory requirements for UK Point Based system:

  1. A candidate needs to ensure a job offer by approved sponsor.
  2. Job at appropriate skill level as mentioned under the guidelines and policies.
  3. Candidate speaks English.

Negotiable characteristics for point based system

Following are the negotiable characteristics for UK immigration points system:

  1. Salary of £20,480 to £23,039 or at least 80% of the going rate for the profession.
  2. Job in a shortage occupation as designated by the Migration Advisory Committee.
  3. PhD in a subject relevant to the job or STEM subject relevant.

Standard occupation qualification code for jobs

Candidate should ensure that the skilled job falls under the category of Standard Occupation qualification code to ensure work permits and to avail UK point based immigration system. The revised policy statements July 2020 have been mentioned on the government websites.

Benefits for international students in UK

International students who are planning to study in UK need to follow UK student visa TIER 4 point based system. A total of 70 points is required to obtain a UK student Visa.

Points for the offer are given for the following:

  1. CAS by approved education provider.
  2. English language abilities
  3. Adequate funding to support stay in UK.

Additionally, Graduate route for students has been initiated by UK from summer 2021. The program enables students who have successfully completed their studies to be eligible for a 2 years’ post study work visa.