UK PR after study- steps and requirements explained in detail

UK has been one of the preferred study abroad destinations among international students since long. It has got some of the best universities in the world. A qualification from a UK university increases the value of your resume.

The UK education system is one of the best globally. The students get to learn in  universities in UK which  regularly rank among top institutions in the world. There are lots of options for international students to study in UK

One of the query study in UK aspirants have is about UK PR after study.

How to apply for UK PR after study?

If your goal is to settle in the UK after completing your program of study you must be clear about the steps for the same. You need to successfully pass through one step to move further towards next step. Any unsuccessful step may lead difficulty and complication with your application for indefinite leave to remain in UK

Below is the stepwise information about the process of getting UK PR after study. Students must understand each and every step carefully

  • Decide a course you wish to study in UK- choose a relevant course
  • Select a university. Choose a university licensed to sponsor international students
  • Complete university admission requirements for Study in UK
  • Send admission application for offer letter with selected university in the UK
  • On getting offer letter pay the tuition fee of the university
  • Apply for CAS- confirmation of acceptance of study with the selected university
  • Prepare UK Study visa documentation thoroughly. Be very careful about the amount of funds required to support your UK student visa application
  • Apply for UK Study visa- TIER 4 UK student visa with UK embassy at the place of your residence.
  • Get a decision of your UK Student visa
  • Join your course in the UK university
  • Complete your course successfully in the UK
  • Get Post study work visa of UK of 2 years through graduate route
  • Find a job on list of eligible occupations with a UK employer approved by home office
  • Transfer to skilled worker visa UK
  • Live and work in the UK for 5 years
  • Apply for UK PR

Above are the steps UK Student visa aspirants need to follow if they desire to settle in UK permanently. Students must take care that they must maintain their continuous residence in the UK if they wish to get UK PR after study.

Eligibility requirements to apply for UK PR after study

1st Requirement you are currently on skilled worker visa

To apply for indefinite leave to remain in UK you must be on a skilled worker visa. This is the first requirement to apply for permanent settlement in the UK.

2nd Requirement Continuous residence

It is one of the mandatory conditions to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK. In any 12 months applicants must not have spent more than 180 days outside of UK.

3rd Requirement you have a job offer

You must also have a job offer. You must prove that your sponsor- your employer needs you on the job

4th Requirement Meet Salary requirements

Only having a job may not fulfil the requirement. You must also meet salary requirements.  £25,600 per year is the current requirement the applicants need to fulfil. There may be some exception for some professions. Applicants need to check the current salary requirements when they apply for leave to remain indefinitely in the UK.

5th requirement- Life in the UK Test

This is mandatory test for applicants aged between 18 years to 60 years of age wishing to apply for indefinite leave to remain in UK. This test covers the British traditions and customs