UK Spouse Visa – Benefits, Requirements, Visa Fees

UK is a country known for its quality education system. It has historically been one of the favourite study abroad destinations among international students. UK has recently introduced post study work visa rules which further increases its attraction as one of the in demand study abroad destinations.

Benefits of UK spouse visa

Another big benefit of study in UK for married students is its policy of dependents spouses and children. UK student spouse visa is a very big attraction for married students who would like to Study in UK. Your spouse/partner can come to UK as a dependent.

Another benefit of UK spouse visa is that there are no extensive financial documents requirements. Applicants do not need to large amount of funds and old funds to support their application.

Another advantage is that the dependents can apply along with the student visa application of the main applicant. The applicants will be processed together which is very beneficial for students aspiring to study in UK and who would also like to have their families with them.

Students who are studying at Masters Level can bring along their dependent spouses and children to UK with them. The stratus of the student would be UK STUDENT VISA holder and the status of the spouse would be dependents of the student visa holder.

UK Spouse visa Requirements

To apply as the spouse of the UK student visa applicants you need to fulfil certain requirements of Spouse visa for UK

UK spouse visa as a dependent of a student -Requirement number 1

You must be legally married. You must have a marriage certificate as a proof of your relationship. Only having a marriage certificate may not serve the purpose of grant of UK Spouse visa.  Marriage certificate is a must but along with this you must have extensive documentation to support your relationship. The documents of relation for UK spouse visa vary from applicant to applicant as per the circumstances. Your UK spouse visa consultant can guide you about this. For proper documentation regarding your relationship evidence choose the best UK spouse visa consultant. West Highlander having office near passport office Chandigarh is the best UK spouse visa consultant in Chandigarh. Documents which you may attach with your UK spouse visa application are

  • Marriage certificate
  • Marriage photos
  • Joint bank account statements
  • Any policies you may have together
  • A relationship letter supported by documentation

Children as dependents of UK study visa holder

You may include your children as your dependent in the application.

UK spouse visa requirements 2 as a dependent of a student

Course of the student visa applicant is very important. To apply as dependents of UK student visa holder your spouse must be enrolled in a course which is at RQF level 7 or above. If the course of the main applicant that is student is less than RQF level 7 then you will not be eligible to apply for UK spouse visa. So the students must be aware about the course requirements if they would like to apply for the visa of their spouse and children

UK Spouse visa requirement number 3

One of other important requirements for UK spouse visa that you must have enough funds to support yourself while in UK. For this you need to provide documentary evidence in the form of bank statements. The amount you need to show for your UK dependent visa application depends on the college or university location of your spouse. If the university where your spouse studies is in London then you need to have GBP 7605 in your account. If the university is outside of London then you need to have GBP 6120 in your account. Moreover these funds must be 28 days old when you apply for UK spouse visa as a dependent of UK Study visa holder.

Duration of UK spouse visa

If your application is successful and your visa is granted the duration of your UK spouse visa will be the same as the duration of the UK study visa of your partner

Visa fees for UK spouse visa

As a part of your application you need to pay the visa fees. UK spouse visa fees are GBP 475. The applicants also need to pay a healthcare surcharge.