US higher Education assuming risk from Immigration Policies

Just after an oath took by US President Donald Trump, US higher education industry’s experts have started thinking that it is at risk owing to the hostile immigration policies of the Trump administration, said Max Nikias of USC– University of Southern California. He further said the enrollment of overseas students is being affected by the hostile policies.

Trump’s presidency is witnessing increasing anti-immigration ambiance. This is happening because the opponents of enhanced overseas arrivals scare that these policies are taking away jobs from US citizens.

Max Nikias expressed concerns of the education sector regarding the over-reaching policies of the Trump administration, as quoted by the CNBC.

It is something that we are scared of said that President of the USC. We lobby the Congress as we are always concerned over the over –reaching policies in US higher education. This is more applicable to us as USC is an independent and private research university, added Nikias.

The University is basically based in Los Angeles which is serving around 38000 students from which 23% students are overseas students. Most of the key lobbyists at the federal level for immigration issues include the US universities.

In a report published by the Institutions of International Education in 2017 states that fresh international enrollment at US higher educational institutions and universities in 2016 was 291,000. This was a decrease of 3% when compared with 2015. It is for the first time that a back down in growth has been reported by the agency ever since it started maintaining records.  The report received exclusive data from 500 schools in fall 2017. These reported a 7% average decrease in the fresh enrolment of the international students.

Nikias– President of the University of Southern California said that we have to review the success of the US industries overall. The secret behind the success is that US universities have been taking brightest and best talents across the globe. These come here get educated and contribute to the economy of the US, said the USC President.

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