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Visitor visa depicts that the person is lawfully in Canada and there is no sort of illegal activity related to him/her. Visitor visas are temporary and meant for the purpose of visiting Canada as a working employee, study or for visiting the country. It is important for a visitor that he/she should apply for obtaining a visa before appearing at a Port of Entry (POE). Visitor visa of Canada is of two types which are single entry visa and multiple entry visas. Both the visas cannot be used after they are expired and cannot be used after a fixed period of time.

Single entry visa consents the visa holder for entering the country only for once. Another prospect for entering in Canada as a visitor is through traveling to the United States, St. Pierre and Miquelon. Multiple visa entry permits the visitor to come and go from Canada for around six months at a time but they cannot apply for the visa again. This visa is valid for ten years.

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    For meeting the eligibility criteria of tourist or visitor visa you are required to prove to the authorities of immigration authorities the following fragments:

    • You have to ensure the validity of the passport.
    • Health should be in a proper state.
    • You have financial assets with you during the visit.
    • Your resident is outside the country and ties will be confirmed about the home return from the country.
    • Your plan for staying the country should be for a specific period of time.
    • Your criminal record is clean.
    • You are not posing any sort of security risk to the country.

    • STEP1: You can apply in two ways that are online and paper.
    • STEP2: Filling out the form of tourist visa application.
    • STEP3: Payment for processing the application.
    • STEP4: Visiting local Canada visa application center (CVAC).
    • STEP5: Submission of the application form.
    • STEP6: Tracking your application online.
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