What are the common Australia GTE interview questions?

Australia is an admirable country in terms of education, tourism, natural beauty and settlement. The study abroad aspirants often try their luck for student visa Australia which has a strict procedure that has to be followed by the aspiring students. One of the compulsory and unavoidable requirements in student visa Australia process is Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) interview.
GTE assessment task is assigned to a Case Officer who decides according to the performance of the candidate whether Australia visa will be issued to him or not. The Case Officer will ask several questions to the candidate in order to check upon the intentions of the candidate. Usually, the interview is conducted on Skype. The main purpose of the interview is to verify that the student genuinely wants to study in Australia; will not pose any threat to the safety of the country; has no intentions to stay back after completion of studies and has adequate funds to meet the pecuniary requirements while his stay in Australia. You need to be very confident and clear with your answers.
Let us learn about a few questions that are commonly asked in the GTE interview

  • Why do you want to study in Australia?

You need to be very particular about the reasons that have motivated you to study abroad. It can be international exposure, research opportunities, hone your practical skills, learn things from a different and bigger perspective, etc.

  • What are your future plans?

You need to tell the Case Officer about the career options that you have kept for yourself. It can be employment, start-up or something else that you want to pursue.

  • Why do you want to leave your home country?

In this, you need to tell the problems you encountered while studying in your home country and extra benefits you will have in Australia that you don’t have in your home country.

  • What are your plans after completion of studies?

Here, Case Officer wants to know your intentions whether you intent to leave Australia upon completion of studies or not. So, be clear that your sole purpose of going to Australia is just acquiring education.

  • What is the purpose of your trip to Australia?

Since you are going for study purpose, you need to mention that.

  • For how long do you propose to stay in Australia?

You should tell about the duration of the study course and if any extension period may be required to complete the course.

  • What motivated you to pursue your further studies from Australia?

You should honestly answer your motivating factors for study abroad that can be qualitative education, international exposure, personality development, gain worldly outlook, etc.

  • How will the proposed course help you in your career?

It is a critical question and you need to be very precise while answering this question. Your proposed course should have relevance with your career plans and it should definitely help you in achieving it.

  • Does proposed course has link with your previous studies?

The course you have opted to study should bear relevance with your previous education. If not, then you should have strong reasons for switching your field of study.

  • How will the proposed course improve your employment prospects?

You need to tell here whether pursuing this proposed degree improvise your chances of gaining a higher profile or higher salary or any other benefit.

  • Do you have enough financial capability to pay for the entire course fee and living expense?

You can mention the income of your family and previous funds held by your family. Who is sponsoring your travel and study expense and if you have taken any loans or in case you have any outstanding debts. The Case Officer wants to make sure that you are capable of meeting the financial requirements in Australia.

  • Where were you studying prior to applying to study in Australia?

You can tell about your previous institution; its rankings, recognition and credibility. You can also tell about your course of study.

  • Do you know someone in Australia?

The Case Officer wants to know whether you have any liaisons in Australia and if yes, what kind of people they are and how are you related to them.

  • How did you come to know about the proposed course and institution?

You need to tell about the research you may have conducted to find the particular course and institution. Tell about your course and its structure, institutional facilities and how they fascinate you.

  • Could you tell something about your family background?

The Visa Officer wants to verify the information provided by you in your application. You can tell about people in your immediate family and how healthy relations you have.
These could be some of the questions that can be asked from you by your Australia visa officer in GTE interview. You need to answer all the questions with clarity of mind and your answers should match with the information you have provided in your application as the Case Officer will probably cross check the information or may ask the questions according to the information provided. If you require more information regarding student visa Australia, you can consult West Highlander Consultancy. We have years of experience and expertise in this industry and the director of our company, Ms. Parwinder Kaur is a MARA Agent. Contact No. 9915999-766, 677.