Who Is Eligible For A Parent And Grandparent Super Visa?

Canada is one of the best places in the world for visit purpose, migration purpose or investment purpose and it has also been identified that the country experience about 200, 000 visits every year. Super visa is a permit for parent and grandparent that is not permanent and permits parents or grandparents to stay in Canada for about two years. The validity of this visa is for the ten years. This visa can only be applied by the resident who is permanent in Canada as this will allow the person to bring his/her parents or grandparents to the country. Basically, the person who wants to apply for this visa should be the permanent resident of the country or should be working in Canada. Parent’s dependent and grandparents cannot apply for the super visa as they are considered as ineligible for the visa. The candidate of this visa is necessitated to be admissible in the country and is required to fulfill the requisites that have been amended by the law of Canada. To apply for this visa, it is important that the person should be choosing the visa services that are reliable and authorized to mitigate any sort of problem like rejections. It is important for the applicant to mention the purpose of visit to the country in the document or application as it is helpful in the appropriate processing of the application in a quick manner. As per the law of Canada, it is also important for a candidate to follow the procedures that have been incorporated by the government for this visa.


If you are interested in applying for this then it is important for you to follow the eligibility criteria which accumulates that the candidate must be the parent and grandparent of the citizen who is permanent in the country. The dependents of parents and grandparents should not be applying for the visa as they are ineligible. This visa is required to be admissible in Canada. It is important that the visitor should be able to provide the particulars that are genuine to the government of Canada. The applicant should also provide the proof associated with their home country to ensure that he/she belongs to the represented national. Purpose of the visit should be explained to the authorities.

The application process of the application assimilates that the person should be able to provide the invitation letter that is provided by the parent or grandparent’s child residing in Canada. There should be the attaching of applicant relationship with the child. It is important that the applicant should be submitting the medical proof while applying for the application. There must be the demonstration of details associated with the income and the form should be filled according to the requirement of the category. The application submission is required to be confirmed and then lastly, the applicant must be waiting for the processing time. This, a super visa is identified one of the appropriate categories for the people who are residing in the Canadian country on a permanent basis and are intending to bring their parents or grandparents in the country as a visitor.