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What Is The Visitor Visa Procedure For Canada?

Visitor visa is a nonimmigrant visa that is issued to the people who are intending to enter in the foreign countries for the different purposes such as medical treatment, tourism, and pleasure. Visitor visa is required in the country so that the legal entrance can be proved. It also depicts that the person is involved in any activity that is illegal. Canada is the country where most of the people would like to visit and the authorities of the country have launched visitor visa. The visitor visa of Canada allows an individual to visit the country on a legal basis. This visa is for the people who are visiting the country as a working employee, study basis or as a tourist. It is significant for the applicant that he/she should apply for the visa before making an appearance at a port of entry (POE). There are two sorts of visas under the visitor visa of Canada which accumulates single entry and multiple entry visas. This visa cannot be used by the person if they are expired and it is not granted if the person hasn’t fulfilled the requirements associated with this visa.

The single entry visa type of visitor visa allows the holder of visa to enter the country for a single time only whereas the multiple entry visas consents for visiting the country for around six months at a time but the applicant is allowed to apply for the visa again. The validity of the visa ranges about ten years.

The eligibility requirements which must be considered by the applicants include that the person must be representing the passport validity to the authorities. Secondly, the health condition of the applicant should be in an appropriate state. The applicant should be able to demonstrate the sufficient funds as per the requirement of the visa. The visitor should ensure that his/her home return to the country is confirmed. The stay period of the visitor in the country must be for a particular period of time and cannot be extended in any case. The criminal record of the applicant should be clean and the evidence in this regard should be provided. The applicant must confirm that he/she is not going to pose any risk to the security of the country.


To apply for a visitor visa, the applicant should ensure that the application has been filled in two ways that are online and paper. The form must be filled out as per the instructions and then the payment should be made by the applicant for the further processing. To complete the whole process, the candidate is required to visit the local Canada visa application centre (CVAC). Lastly, the application must ensure that it has been submitted appropriately and then he/she can track the application online modestly.


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