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Canadian Super Visa For Parents & Grandparents

Super visa is one of the launches by Canadian authorities that have been launched for the parents or grandparents of the permanent resident of the country. This visa allows the parents to stay in the country for the period of two years. The validity of this visa is for the ten years. The permanent residents of the country can apply for the visa without any issue to bring their parents or grandparents. To be eligible for this visa, the only major necessity is that the applicant should be the permanent citizen of the country. The parents and grandparents are considered ineligible to apply for the visa. Eligibility and application must be fulfilled by the applicant. It is important that the applicant should ensure about mentioning the purpose of visit to the country because then it is helpful in obtaining the visa rapidly. Reliable and verified services of visa must be selected by the person so that the probability of rejections can be mitigated. The applicant is also required to follow the rules that have been amended by Canada for visitors.

To be eligible for the application it is important for the applicants to fulfill the certain requirements which are as:

  • The candidate is required to be the dependents of parents or grandparents of permanent residents of Canada.
  • The parents of the applicant should not be applying for the application as otherwise it would not be considered by the Canadian authorities.
  • The information provided to the authorities should be appropriate and genuine.
  • The candidate must be delivering the details associated with the sufficient funds at the time of application.
  • The candidate should be admissible to Canada by the authorities.

The application process requirements of the super visa include that the candidate firstly should be able to provide the letter of invitation to apply for the super visa. Secondly, the applicant should have the efficiency to provide the genuine relationship. Health and character requirements must be fulfilled by the applicant so that proper health and the clean criminal record of a person can be assured. Details associated with enough funds must be provided while submitting the application. Categories in the application should be fulfilled in an adequate way so that the process can be taken further easily. Once, the defined requirements of the application are met it is significant to ensure that the application has been submitted.