Why study AEC programs in Quebec, Canada?

There are plenty of reasons why international students choose to study in Canada, primarily because of the good quality education and career opportunities after that. In case of AEC programs in Quebec, Canada, the benefits become two fold as Indian students get job oriented education which prepares them to enter the workforce without any problem. Having less duration, comparatively low tuition fees, easy entry requirements, 3 years of post-study work visa are just some of the reasons why AEC programs in Quebec are popular among the Indian students.

The curriculum of AEC programs in Quebec is easily understandable and easy to study, so international students can easily work part time while they study in Canada. In this article, international students can find information like best colleges for AEC programs in Quebec, Canada, benefits of these programs, entry requirements and who can study AEC programs in Canada. The Director at West Highlander, Ms.Parwinder Kaur is a Canada Course Graduate and she is qualified to assist study in Canada aspirants.

Benefits of AEC programs in Quebec, Canada for international students

Job oriented practical education

After completing education, many students struggle with adjusting in their jobs, the reason being that they do not get practical exposure during their study. AEC programs in Quebec, Canada make sure that international students get hands on experience which they can apply in their career. This way, they get the most out of the program.

Less Duration

The duration of AEC programs in Quebec is less as compared to bachelor degree programs. This is an advantage for international students as they don’t have to spend 3-4 years of study in Canada for a degree and then start working full time. In just 2 years, they can become eligible to join the workforce with significant skills.

Low tuition fees

Study in Canada can cost quite a bit and many Indian students find it hard to afford. In case of AEC programs in Quebec, the tuition fees is low as compared to other provinces and programs. Being affordable is one of the top reasons to study AEC programs in Quebec.

Easy to understand curriculum

International students who want to work part time, while they study in Canada will find these program quite easy to study. The curriculum of AEC programs in Quebec, is designed in a way that you will easily be able to complete it successfully. There won’t be the added pressure to put too many hours into studying and missing out on working hours.

Easy entry requirements

The main entry requirements for AEC programs in Quebec, Canada are academic and English language requirements for international students. These requirements are quite easy to meet as Indian students need to have around 55% in previous education. To meet language requirements, international students can give the IELTS exam and score 6.0 overall or they can give other exams like PTE with equivalent scores.

Good Canada study visa Success Rate

While the success of Canada study visa depends on various factors, it is extremely important to choose the right program to study in Canada. First and foremost, international students must choose a program that is related to their previous education. The Canada study visa Success Rate in case of AEC programs in Quebec is quite good.

3 years of post-study work visa

Post study work visa in Canada is easy to get as long as you choose the right program and right college/university to study in Canada. Since the AEC programs in Quebec are 2 years long, Indian students are eligible to get 3 years of post study work visa in Canada. Study in Canada aspirants can get in touch with the best Canada study visa consultant in Chandigarh, West Highlander to get help with choosing a program to study in Canada and getting the Canada student visa successfully.

List of Colleges in Quebec, Canada  

  • LaSalle College
  • Dawson College
  • Centennial College
  • Montmorency College
  • Vanier College
  • Ahuntsic College
  • TAV College
  • Marianopolis College
  • John Abbott College

List of AEC programs in LaSalle College, Quebec

All the AEC programs in LaSalle College for international students are mentioned below. Just by looking at the list of AEC programs in 1 college would give you an idea about what kind of programs you can study. Another thing that is apparent is that the AEC programs are very specific, instead of giving knowledge in several areas these programs focus on one area and make sure that Indian students get all the required knowledge so they can become the best in their field.

  • AEC in Business Management
  • AEC in Accounting and Management Technology
  • AEC in Residential Real Estate Broker
  • AEC in Operations and Production Management
  • AEC in International Commerce Import-Export
  • AEC in Transportation Logistics
  • AEC in Network Management
  • AEC in Information Technology Programmer-Analyst
  • AEC in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • AEC in Social Media Strategy
  • AEC in Early Childhood Education
  • AEC in Game and Level Design
  • AEC in 3D Animation for Television and Cinema
  • AEC in Hotel Management Technique
  • AEC in Technical Clothing Designer
  • AEC in Fashion Marketing
  • AEC in Fashion Design
  • AEC in Media Strategies and Advertising
  • AEC in Interior Design
  • AEC in Graphic Design
  • AEC in Video Editing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AEC program in Quebec? 

AEC programs in Quebec are generally 2 yearlong programs and they are designed to provide practical knowledge to international students so that they can increase their skill set for a specific job.

What is AEC/DEC education?

AEC programs are more focused on concentrated knowledge in one area while DEC programs also include other subjects like language or philosophy etc. Study in Canada who want to start working right after they complete their study should consider the AEC programs in Quebec, Canada.

Get Guidance from a Canada Course Graduate

The Director at West Highlander Ms.Parwinder Kaur has completed the Canada Course for Education Agents formal test and is now a Canada Course Graduate. We have assisted Indian students for 18 years to get the Canada study visa and have expertise for the same.