Which courses are eligible for PR in Canada?

Canada is a land of opportunity for international students. With friendly immigration policies and numerous Canada PR programs it is natural for international students to consider living in the country. A common query among international students planning to study in Canada is which courses would make them eligible for Canada PR. Going forward we would discuss the  best courses for being eligible for PR in Canada and the requirements for Canada PR.

Canada Permanent Residency Program

For international students planning to apply for Canada PR program after completing their studies it is interesting to note that Canadian immigration works on point based system. An applicant would be awarded points for their age, educational qualification, work experience, language proficiency and adaptability factors. Now an international student is allowed to work 20 hours per week during their academic session and full time during holidays and study breaks. All this can account for your work experience.

How to apply for Canada PR after study?

International students planning to transition for Canada PR can firstly opt for a Post graduate work permit which can open various work opportunities for them. This would ensure students are able to gain substantial work experience. After gaining experience students can apply for Canadian experience class program, various provincial nominee program and Quebec immigration. For this knowing the best courses which make the eligibility criteria for PR in Canada stronger is necessary.

Canadian Experience Class

International Students who have completed their studies through a Canadian university or college on a full time basis for 2 years program or more are eligible for applying under CEC. A minimum of one year work experience is required to apply for this program.

Quebec Experience Class

Students can also apply for Quebec Experience class and further there is no need of work experience in case the student has studies in Quebec and completed a degree or vocational course.

Provincial Nomination Programs

There are numerous provinces Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and others which have programs for international students. Most of these programs of the provinces would require students to have a job offer or previous work experience which ensures faster Canada PR approval rate.

Best study courses eligible for PR in Canada

MBA- Masters in Business Application is one of the most preferred courses in Canada for International students. The course duration for MBA in Canada is generally between 18 months to 2 years and is one of the most employable degree. Majority of PNP programs in Canada and in demand occupation lists have roles such as Banking Management, Consultants, Investment Managers are some of the skills sets required by the labor markets. These jobs are further under the skill shortage lists and highly in demand for Canada PR.

Computer Science and Information Tech- Is another course which has gained a huge popularity in the last few decades. Software engineers, data analysts, project managers are some of the highest paid jobs in the country. After completion of a diploma, bachelors or masters degree in the course one can find jobs easily in the discipline which rank high on the remuneration packages.

Engineering Management & Core Engineering- Be it civil engineers, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering or engineering management. These are some of the most in demand job opportunities currently for engineers in the Central regions of Canada. With growing manufacturing needs of the country and hub of opportunities in Toronto region Engineers can see a bright job opportunity and then transition for Canada PR with this eligible course.

Finance & Business- Having a finance and management degree from Canada can ensure numerous Canada PR opportunities such a provincial nominee programs of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec Immigration where the demand for finance jobs is high. Broking, Asset Management, Investment Management, Banking, Insurance, Account are some of the best courses which can make you eligible for PR in Canada and highly in demand professions.

Medicine, Healthcare and Biosciences- Medical profession in Canada is among the most eligible courses for PR in Canada and ranks among the highest NOC codes that are O and A in Canada. Being a highly regarded profession with high salaries it attracts numerous students every year. Professions including dental, biotechnology, biological sciences, pharmacy, nursing and healthcare management courses are the most regarded and most often selected courses by international students.

Digital Media & Journalism- With the transforming journalism practices and constant usage of digital platforms for rapidly transferring news some of the core in demands jobs include Public relations officer, in advertising and publishing houses, journalism and various marketing professions. Digital Marketers and interactive designers are highly in demand and account for courses which make you eligible for PR in Canada.

To sum up, Canada is a preferred destination for students who wish to either enroll in graduation, masters or diploma programs in various disciplines and degree courses. Study in Canada can ensure plethora of job opportunities for international students and successfully opportunities for Canada PR.

For the best kind of study program as per your interest, desire jobs and courses in Canada for Permanent Residency a quick interaction with our expert Canada study advisors will help you reap the benefits of living and working in Canada.