Steps for Quebec Selected Worker Program

Steps for Quebec Selected Worker Program


The French dominated province of Quebec is the second most populated province in Canada. With promising opportunities for employment, education and health benefits it is becoming the choice of immigrants for Canada permanent residency. For Canada PR there are two ways one being express entry and the other is Quebec Selected Worker Program.

In case you have decided that Quebec Selected Worker Program is the choice for you and you have the desirable skilled work experience and can score 50 points on the selection grid for requirement of QSWP.

Here are the 3 steps to apply for Quebec Selected Worker Program:

Step 1 Expression of Interest

  1. Once you have decided to apply for Canada PR to province of Quebec you need to create a profile showing your expression of interest (EOI) in the Arrima Portal in QSWP.
  2. The immigration ministry of the province will review your EOI and invitation will be issue to you to apply.
  3. It will also suggest you labor market requirements in different regions in Quebec.


Step 2 Apply for Quebec Selection Certificate

  1. Once you receive invitation to apply first step for Quebec Selected Work program is to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate to the government of Quebec.
  2. The government of Quebec would assess your application as the eligibility criteria.
  3. The basic requirement set by the province of Quebec for selection to QSWP is as follow:


  • Your skill set needs to be as per AOT list of Quebec.
  • Minimum work experience of 1 year in the last 5 years.
  • Language efficiency –CLB 5 or IELTS Reading 4, Writing -5, Listening-5, Speaking -5.
  • Funds to support yourself in Quebec.
  • Employment offer letter by employer in Quebec. (if any).
  • Any family relations in Quebec (if any).
  • Information of Spouse and dependents accompanying you. (if any)


You can gain additional points for Area of Training which is in high demand in Quebec.


  1. Obtaining CSQ can take about 6 months. There is no fee for CSQ or Quebec Selected Certification.

Step 2 Apply to IRCC for Canada PR

  1. Once you receive the QSC or Quebec Selection Certificate you need to apply to IRCC.
  2. You will have to complete the documentation process and pay fee.
  3. The processing fee and right of PR fee is $1325.
  4. The Last step is to mail your application to CIO.


Now your dream of Canada PR is just a flight away.


To ensure that all the steps and documentation is processed carefully without any errors it is best to take guidance of a licensed immigration agent. West Highlander has been working for last 15 years and has seasoned consultants who can guide you at every step and ensure your application is processed efficiently for Canada PR in no time.