Assessment of qualification and AOT points combined for Quebec selected immigration program

Assessment of qualification and AOT points combined for Quebec selected immigration program

One needs to understand the reasons why people are opting for Canada PR and the breathtaking Quebec are numerous. Be it an education that results in a successful career pathway, a quality life, freedom or financial stability the list is endless. The province of Quebec offers Quebec skilled worker program to immigrants through express entry. The reason for immigration to Quebec, as a choice is due to the promising employment prospects available in the province.

Once you have decided to apply for Canada PR via immigration to Quebec program the 2 step process created by the government of Canada and province of Quebec opens gateway for express entry. Firstly, the candidate applies for Quebec Selection certification (CSQ). After which the candidate can apply for Canada PR by IRCC.

What is the selection grid for Quebec selected immigration program?

The province of Quebec along with government of Canada has created a selection grid under Quebec’s skilled worker program to assess candidature. A candidate’s entire file is mapped under a grid system requiring certain points to be achieved in order to be eligible for permanent residency.

Selection factors under the grid would include:

  1. Language proficiency
  2. Age
  3. Work experience
  4. Familiar relations in Canada
  5. Accompanying spouse’s characteristics
  6. Areas of training and qualification

Areas of training and qualification play a crucial role in deciding the profile of the candidate and both should be given high importance.

What are the lists under areas of training?

The government of Canada and Quebec has decided on following lists under the express entry medium for Quebec Skilled worker program along with points. The candidate would be required to check qualifications and training areas fall under one of the categories.

  1. Training area A- Individual points 12 , Spouse Points- 4
  2. Training area B- Individual points 9, Spouse Points- 3
  3. Training area C- Individual points 6 , Spouse Points- 2
  4. Training area D Individual points 2 , Spouse Points- 1
  5. Training area E is not recognized by the government of Canada and neither individual nor spouse would be awarded any points for the same.

It is expected that the individual should check the lists of trainings available under the following categories on the official portal before filling the application.

How is qualification and area of training points assessed together?

  1. The qualification points range from minimum of 2 points at high school education to highest being awarded for doctorate degree at 14 points.
  2. Area of training listed under A,B,C,D or E can bag a candidate points from 0-12.

Total points for both qualification and area of training for an effective profile are calculated together.

How many points are required by an individual for permanent residency?

An individual would require a minimum of 50 points for being considered for Quebec express entry pathway. In case of a spouse accompanying the candidate would require combined 59 points to be considered eligible for the same.

Is the area of training list under Quebec skilled worker program fixed?

No, the area of training list is not fixed under Quebec selected immigration program. It keeps on changing as per the demand of the province and policies of Government of Canada.

In case I am unable to understand the assessment criteria what are my options?

An applicant can opt for a licensed immigration officer who can assist and provide complete guidance for applying for permanent residency under Quebec skilled worker program.

What is the time duration for assessment process?

The application of a candidate usually takes a minimum of 6 months for processing via express entry from the date of submission of application. In case the application is not well formed than the time period can extend over 6 months.