Immigration to Quebec under Skilled Worker Program

Immigration to Quebec under Skilled Worker Program

Quebec being the next in line for most populated province after Ontario. The province of Quebec receives large number of applications every year for immigration due to its multiple industries such as IT, multimedia, aerospace and software. The ever increasing demand of these industries, along with Quebec’s GDP ranking at 377.04 billion in the year 2019 has opened gateways for express entry for immigrants.

Demand for Skilled Worker in Quebec: Promising opportunities for permanent residency in Canada

Over the years the demand for skilled workers in Quebec has been expanding.  The intensifying need for talent has resulted in government of Canada and Quebec joining hands on special agreement for the purpose of immigration to Quebec.  The province has individual rules set in for immigrants planning to choose Canada PR to Quebec.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec Skilled Worker Program application provides opportunities to become a permanent resident of Canada and live in the province of Quebec.

The Quebec skilled worker program application can be done in two stages as following for an express entry:

  1. The candidate needs to initially apply to Government of Quebec for a Quebec Selection Certification (CSQ).
  2. On receiving CSQ the candidate is expected to apply to IRCC for permanent residency.

Requirements for Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Aspirant planning to apply for Canada PR via express entry gateway need to fulfill certain criteria set by the government of Canada as per selection grid:

  1. The aspirant needs to have skill set or qualification as per the area of training (AOT) list of the province of Quebec.
  2. The training qualification of the candidate should be of 5 years prior to applying for the immigration class.
  3. In case the aspirant has an experience more than 5 years then the candidate should also provide proof of work experience of 1 year as per the field of education.
  4. Proof of knowledge of English with not less than CLB 5 or of French.
  5. Familial relations with a permanent residence of Canada or Quebec.
  6. Proof of Financial sufficiency
  7. Permanent employment offer validated by Canadian government.
  8. Characteristics of a spouse like language proficiency and education can also count in getting Canada PR.
  9. Candidate can also secure points for age of children who are accompanying him.

Minimum Quebec immigration grid point requirement

An individual applying for immigration to Quebec would require a minimum of 50 points however, in case of application with a spouse the applicant would require a minimum of 59 points to be considered eligible.

Time frame for Application process

The application of a candidate would take a minimum of 6 months for processing for express entry from the date of submission of application.