Canada PR Visa Express entry checklist

Canada PR Visa Express entry checklist


Once you have set your mind to apply towards your dream of Canada PR you often wonder what is the list of documents you should keep in handy to see faster results for your application process?

Although you do not need to upload all the documents at once or submit entirely but for applying for the PR process you need information from all the below mentioned documents.

Here is your answer to the entire express entry checklist for Canada PR application process:


  1. Identity Documents

A valid passport is your first essential key from the checklist of documents you need to have in order to apply for Canada PR visa.

  1. Marriage Certificates


In case you are married you would need marriage certificate to prove the same.

In case you are divorced or separate ensure you have documents to prove the same.


  1. Certificates for dependent child

For your dependent child accompanying you for your Canada PR ensure you have birth certificates.


  1. Your language proficiency test score results

Each country has a language requirement. In order to fulfill that ensure that you have   your IELTS/CELPIP/CLB test score documents handy before you apply for Canada PR.

Your language test scores are valid for 2 years. So ensure that the processing is timely.

  1. Skilled Work experience

Under the express entry or any provincial nominee program you need to display your work experience or skill are as per the requirement of Canadian labor market. For this work experience documents would be required as follow:

Your Canada immigration consultant can guide you on this.

  • Employment Letter
  • Employment Contract
  • Offer letter
  • Salary/Pay slips
  • Tax returns


  1. Educational Documents

Ensure that you have all the educational documents you have mentioned in your express entry profile. Also to ensure the credibility of your qualification you would need to get an ECA report.


  1. Educational Credential Assessment report

For your educational certificates to have equivalency as per Canadian education level you need to have ECA certificate. For this you need to apply to the organization concerned as per your educational qualification.


  1. Spouse Documents

For claiming points for your spouse accompanying you in your Canada PR journey ensure you have documents for  language proficiency test scores, educational qualification , marriage certificate and any work experience they have.


  1. Relatives in Canada (if any)

In case you claim points for having relatives in Canada you would be required to have a proof of the same such as rental agreement, health cards.


  1. PNP certificate

In case you have been nominated by a particular province you would be getting additional 600 points on your CRS. Ensure you have nomination certificate from the province to prove the same.


  1. Photographs

You would need unaltered digital photographs of yourself. In case of family members applying too then photographs of them would also be required.


So, to conclude ensure that you have all these documents in place. However, in case you find yourself in a difficult spot in understanding the checklist you can always take guidance of our experienced licensed immigration consultants. West Highlander is trendsetter in best Canada immigration consultancy for the last 15 years. For all your Canada PR visa queries you can contact us.