Know about CSQ Quebec to settle in Montreal: Quebec Immigration Program

Know about CSQ Quebec to settle in Montreal: Quebec Immigration Program

The federal government and Canadian provinces have been new headways over the last few decades with opening of many economic immigration pathways. The larger aim of these immigration programs is to meet the growing requirement for potential immigrants. The diverse skill sets of promising immigrants and the expanding economic growth of the country go hand in hand.

Montreal being one of widely populated city in the province of Quebec has become the most sought after name for immigration. If one has decided to immigrate to Canada and the city of Montreal Quebec Immigration program is the key.

Quebec Skilled worker program

The revised system of Expression of Interest invites applicants above the age of 18 years to submit an online profile showcasing their interest in applying for Canada PR. There is no set limit to the number of applicants who can express their interest in the program as compared to earlier policies. Parallel to express entry the Quebec Immigration Program categorizes and ranks applicants on various factors. The applicants who meet the basic requirements are assessed on a point system grid to be selected for Canada PR.  Applicant can keep revising the expression of interest (EOI) any time free of charges.

Certificate of Selection to Quebec (CSQ Quebec)

The applicant needs to apply for CSQ Quebec to be considered eligible for immigrating to Canada. Once the candidate has been selected under the CSQ Quebec then he/she needs to apply for Canada PR under IRCC. Candidates who meet the basic requirements of sufficient financial funding and education are given scores under the grid system in employment category. The applicant needs to ensure a minimum secondary school diploma under education system to be considered for CSQ. The points are awarded on the following:

  • Educational Qualification
  • Training
  • Work experience
  • Age
  • Proficiency in language
  • Valid job offer (Not required but can provide bonus points)
  • Time spend in Quebec
  • Relations in Quebec or any other part of Canada
  • Financial Self sufficiency



Applicants who score sufficient points under the above mentioned categories are further assessed for following categories for additional/bonus points:


  • Children
  • Spouse/partner’s characteristic points (in case applicable)

What to do next after receiving CSQ Quebec score?

The applicant would require a minimum score of 50 points and alongside spouse 59 points together to be eligible for CSQ Quebec. Once the applicant receives the score he/she would be invited by the ministry to apply for Quebec Immigration program process to be completed within 3 months (90 days). Once the candidate is successful they should apply for Canada PR via IRCC.

How do I increase my chances of selection under Quebec Immigration program?

One should keep in mind that the just a passing score is not the only key for selection for Quebec immigration program. There are other factors which play an important role in selection such as capacity to sustain financially inn Quebec and right skill set for skilled worker program under the occupation list in Quebec. The shortage of a particular occupation in Quebec and occupation list should be thoroughly checked to ensure right selection while applying. The government would prioritize applications where candidate has a valid job offer or working in Quebec full time, and candidates who have minimum of 6 months prior work experience in the province.

Additionally, a licensed immigration consultant can aid you in maximizing chances by right guidance and correct guidance for application to increase Canada PR.