How points are calculated for Express entry for Canada PR?

How points are calculated for Express entry for Canada PR?


Comprehensive ranking system or CRS is used to calculate the express entry profile of candidates under the following categories:

  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Canadian Experience Class

How point calculation is done?

You are allotted points for the following categories:

  • Age ( for the age group of 18 to 45)
  • Level of education (for high school to post doctoral degree)
  • Language proficiency (ranging from CLB 5  to CLB 10 )
  • Work experience

Additionally, a candidate would be required to show proof of admissibility and proof of funds to be considered for the express entry.

The points under the comprehensive ranking system are calculated for all the above mentioned criteria under different federal program as mentioned above. Individually, the points system differs for each category. There is no requirement for educational qualification under Federal skilled trades program but can be bonus. Under the Federal skilled trades program one would need to check the National Occupation list for skilled trades program.  Additional points can be achieved in case a spouse or common in law partner is accompanying the candidate.

What is Category wise division of CRS points?

  1. For education, language proficiency, age and work experience (Core factors):
  • If you are under the age bracket of 25-30 chances of securing around 110 points is available.
  • For educational qualification of degree and diploma the chances of points is 150.
  • For language efficiency with a good IELTS score or CLB the points can be 160.
  • In case you have work experience from Canada the points can be 80.
  1. Spouse or Common-law Partner Factors:
  • In case your spouse is also accompanying and has good IELTS score or CLB equivalent you can add up to 20 points.
  • For his/her language skills you can add about 20 points. About 10 points for academic qualification of the spouse
  • You can further add about 10 points for Canadian experience of the spouse if any.
  1. Skill Transfer-ability Factors:
  • In case you have a foreign work experience you can get about 50 points
  • Similarly for language proficiency in a French additional 50 points can be received.
  1. Bonus Points

One can receive additional points for having a sibling in Canada with PR status or securing a job offer letter under NOC list O, A or B. Further points can be achieved for nomination from a Canadian province for their PNP programs.

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