Know about minimum points required to apply for Canada PR



Know about minimum points required to apply for Canada PR


Canada had got many immigration programs under which Canada PR aspirants may apply for residency. The most popular program is Federal Skilled Worker which is a point based system where you are awarded points for your Canada permanent residency application.

The minimum points needed to apply for Canada PR under this program are 67. Applicants need to score 67 points out of total of 100 points under this Canada permanent residency program. Once you meet the minimum threshold of 67 to apply for Canada Permanent residency you submit your profile in the express entry. Your profile is then ranked among other profiles in the express entry pool and given a CRS score based on your selection factors.

Points are awarded on the following factors

  • Age

Points for age factor range from 0 to 12 .The visa applicants for Canada PR will get points based on their age when their application is received by CIC.

  • Education

You may score up to 25 points for your education. For this applicants need to have an ECA report from Canada.

  • Work Experience

A maximum of 15 points may be awarded for your work experience. Your work experience for this FSW program managed by express entry system will be acceptable if it is in the NOC skill level 0, A or B.

  • Language skills

Canada has 2 official languages English and French. A maximum of 24 points may be awarded for first official language and 4 points for second official language. Applicants need to submit IELTS test report of a French Language test report to claim the points.

  • Arranged employment in Canada – Job offer

A maximum of 10 points may be awarded for having a job offer in Canada. The duration of the job offer must be of 1 year else the points are not awarded.

  • Adaptability

A maximum of 10 points are awarded may be awarded for this factor which includes your spouse skills, any study you may have dine in Canada, any relative you may have in Canada.


So the points needed to apply for Canada PR are claimed from above factors. Canada PR aspirants need to   accurately assess their points. This is very important as the success of your Canada permanent residency application largely depends on this. So it becomes very crucial to hire one of the best Canada PR consultants who have got expertise and experience in dealing with PR applications so that your Canada PR application is assessed correctly. West Highlander Immigration established since 2005 and based in Chandigarh has the knowledge and expertise in dealing with Canada visa application. They are best Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh who can guide you through the complete process.