Can I include my children aged 18 years in my Canada PR application?

Can I include my children aged 18 years in my Canada PR application?


The answer is a positive YES!

Canada is a family friendly country and wishes to keep families intact. In case you have a dependent child you can certainly include him/her on your Canada PR application. Under the Canada PR programs such as express entry and provincial nominee programs you can always include your child in your PR application as per the norms set by the Canadian government.

Who qualifies as a dependent child?

  • Your children who are below the age of 22 qualify as dependent child.
  • Also the dependent child should not be married or have a common in law partner.

What are the documents required for the dependent child?

  • First thing is a valid passport.
  • You will need to provide birth certificate proof of your dependent child/children in order to include them in your PR application.
  • Also you will need to provide digital photographs.
  • In case your dependent child is studying then you need to include the certificates and documents to prove the same.

What is age lock in date?

Under the Canada PR application process the government locks the age of your dependent child in their system. This ensures that even if it takes time to process the application your child is still eligible under your PR application.

What is the fee to include by dependent child on my Canada PR application?

To include your dependent child in your PR application you need to pay a fee of $225. This cost is per head.

So in a nutshell it can be said that you can definitely include your dependent child or children in your Canada PR application whether you have applied under express entry program, PNP or any other. As long as you are able to provide supporting documents it would not be difficult to bring your family along to Canada.


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