Best Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh

Canada has become one of the preferred study abroad destinations among students who would like to study in a foreign country . Canada welcomes international students from all over the world for study in Canada. There are certain requirements the applicants need to meet if they wish to apply for Canada study visa. There are many reasons which attract Canada towards international students. Along with living in an English speaking country and a developed economy students get to study in universities and colleges which give them an exposure as an international student. Students get to choose from hundreds of course options available to them.

The Education in Canada is world class. Canada is a great place to live and study. Canada is multicultural; some of the biggest cities have many immigrant communities giving study in Canada rich multicultural experiences. Canada has got one of the strongest economies in the world. These are few of the benefits of study in Canada.

To select a course and a university or a college for study in Canada students need to have in depth information about the course options available, whether to study at a University or a college, the benefits of studying in university or public community college or a private college ,the cost which applicants need  to pay as a part of their Canada study visa application process .there are number of things the students must know to make an informed decision about their study in Canada .So the students they are highly encouraged to take the services of an experienced and expert consultant who has got years of experience in guiding the students about Canada.

The top and the best study in Canada visa consultant would have the skills and knowledge to guide you properly about points which could make help you make an informed decision.  There are many things study in Canada aspirants need to know for applying for their admission and visa to study in Canada. Complete and transparent information about Canada student visa policy and the options available after completion of the program may help students and their families make an informed decision to process their study application for Canada

Below are the things the applicants need to know

  • Course options available for international students
  • The course best suited for you depending on your academic profile and family budget for your study in Canada
  • Type of education providers in Canada
  • Admission requirements for different type of programs for study in Canada
  • English language requirements for study in Canada
  • English language tests accepted by universities, colleges
  • PTE score requirement for Canada student visa
  • Duration of different type of courses
  • Level of courses at Canadian education system
  • Tuition fee for international students
  • Intakes of different courses in Canada
  • Colleges and universities offering the course the student wishes to study
  • Location of the colleges and universities
  • The facilities offered by the college and universities in Canada
  • Canada study visa requirements
  • Funds requirements for Canada student visa
  • Family income requirements for Canada student visa
  • Total cost associated with study in Canada
  • Cost of living while in Canada on study visa
  • Writing of effective statement of purpose for study in Canada
  • Character requirements for study in Canada as an international student
  • Health requirements for Canada study visa
  • Documentation which must be submitted as a part of your Canada study visa application
  • SDS and non SDS visa application for Canada
  • Duration of part time work in Canada
  • Part time work opportunities in Canada
  • Type of work students may get while on study in Canada
  • Post study work opportunity after completing study in Canada
  • Duration of post study work associated with different type of courses
  • Canada student dependent visas if you have dependents
  • The type of courses under which you may support work visa of your spouse
  • Work rights for your dependent spouse
  • Study options for your dependent children

So from above it is very clear that you must hire the best study in Canada consultant for the processing of your application.

West Highlander – Your trusted and best Study in Canada consultant

West Highlander is an ICEF recognized agency and has got experience and expertise in study in Canada admission services.

We conduct General Information session for international students on opportunity to work during their studies on and off campus and there is also co-op work program.

For International students interested in learning about immigration pathways we hold general information session and direct to CIC website for complete information.

Parwinder Kaur, one of the key personnel of West Highlander is a Canada course graduate (CGC00099) West Highlander is a ICEF accredited agency and has ICEF trained counsellor having experience in overseas study counselling

Firm foundation of counselling staff of study in Canada which helps students aspiring to study in Canada understands Canadian education system & its benefits.

Complete & in depth information about study option in Canada.

Information about how to apply to study, and prepare for living in Canada

Information about tuition fees and cost of living in Canada

Increase your chance of admission success by applying through qualified and licensed consultant

No processing charges

Representatives of TOP Universities/Colleges in Canada

One to one counselling of students

Complete admission services

West Highlander is a leading study abroad immigration consultant in Chandigarh with many years of experience of study in Canada. The expertise & experience of West highlander team makes your study in Canada dream come true.

At West Highlander we provide you with your free profile assessment for your Canada study visa. We have in depth discussions with our clients about their academics, their English language ability, any work experience they may have, any immigration history they have, the course they would like to study, their budget for Canada student visa. Based on all these factors we provide an assessment to study in Canada aspirants. We assist you with the process right from staring of your application process to the process of Canada student visa filing

West Highlander is the best Canada study visa consultant in Chandigarh making your process of study abroad a smooth and an easy experience