Mechnanical Engineering courses in Ontario, Canada

Mechanical Engineering Programs at Ontario College

The role of mechanical engineers comes into limelight to fill roles from equipment maintenance, system design and research and development.  If you are looking for a course in mechanical engineering, then choose the best colleges in Ontario as they provide students combination of skills and training to make students excel in their careers.

Various Courses in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Techniques– These programs include one year introductory certificate programs that aim at building the mechanical skills of the students such as electrical work, welding, blueprint reading and more. Various programs also aim at making students gain mechanical specialty such as CNC programming, plumbing, machining and more.  With this course, students can also begin their entry level career across various industries.

Mechanical Technician- This course include two year diploma in mechanical engineering. This course prepare students work across a number of industries, which includes robotics, aerospace, machinery and automotive. A number of subject areas are covered in this subject are mathematics, engineering, design, manufacturing, electro-mechanics, maintenance and control.

Mechanical Technology– This is a three year program, which nearly cover all the topics as that of mechanical technician programs but to a deeper level.  The three year program is often used for gaining specialized training to work independently.

Admission Requirements

To seek admission in mechanical engineering course, you need to be passed in Grade 12 in English and Mathematics.  Applicants those who are applying for the course must have first language as the English. Minimum eligibility requirements of the selection course will be based on the academic criteria.

Opportunities for Graduates

Those who are graduates and in final year are eligible to register for the course as associate members. They can directly apply as members of the association of Certified Technicians and Technologies (OACETT).  Students must also have knowledge of MS Office and Office Suite before starting out with the program. Strong computer skills are recommended for students applying for mechanical engineering.

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