Diploma in Information Technology, Canada

Diploma in IT in Canada

Information technology deals with the storage, transmission, generation and protection of information. The program of information technology comprises four major aspects, which are- Network systems, computer systems, software development system and telecom systems. The Information Technology Diploma is a full time 2 year diploma that utilizes e-learning and instructional delivery method. This is the main reason why IT professionals are called business process consultants or specialists. The diploma in Information technology and management will support the academic pursuit of students who have completed Certificate in Information Technology through TRU-OL. Students who are taking Diploma in Management Studies are not eligible for this diploma.
Admission Requirements

In order to seek admission in the course, you need to be certified in information technology offered through TRU-OL. You should also have an IT or computing certificate from a recognized university or college with more than 30 transferable credits. The program prepares students for career in the design, operation, installation and administration of network and internet based information systems. This program provides students a combination of theoretical and technical skills with hands on practice about project based learning. In the second year, you will learn to install, configure and administrate a variety of network devices such as email, web, database, DNS and security services. You will also be introduced to cloud computing technologies and mobile application development.

The career opportunities for the graduate who receive diploma in Information Diploma will include providing internet service providers, network designers, support companies, web development, web hosting, computer retailers, etc. Students who have knowledge of MS Office would be an asset. You will learn to manage your time and meet the deadlines. You will also be trained to work independently but under little supervision. You would be trained how to be an asset for the company and contribute towards the overall development.
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