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A Complete Guide on Canadian Admission Process

Getting admission into a Canadian college or university is a tedious process. But once you have known the process completely, you can move forward hassle free. The experts of West Highlander are going to share the details of admission process of Canadian college or university. We are going to explain what basic steps you need to take to study abroad, how to select a university and what all documents you are supposed to submit. You will find all the necessary information in this article.

What are the Basic Steps for Applying Abroad?

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is identifying universities and the course of your interest. You can request various universities for application forms. Depending upon the type of visa you are applying and your eligibility, you will be required to take tests to prove that you have got fluency in the English language. Once all the formalities have been completed, you can complete and send application forms along with the required documents. Once all the formalities have been completed, you can complete and send application forms along with the required documents. You must apply for the visa once you have obtained I-20 from the college.

How to Select a College or University in Canada?

While selecting the right course and university, there are several things to keep in mind. You are supposed to produce several documents which are given as below:-
• Term of Entry
• Your financial capacity
• Academic Documents
• Passport Copy
When you are searching for documents, you must look at the reputation of the college or university you are applying for. You must consider the location of the school and climatic conditions. Do your homework and do not limit your information to your best friend or uncle who is abroad, but take the help of the internet to get accurate and updated information.

What documents are required for Admission Purposes?

There are several documents that you need to submit for admission purpose in Canada. Several documents that are required for admission for given herein below:-
• Completed Application Form
• Writing sample
• SOP for graduates and optional for undergraduates
• Bank Statement showing available funds
• Affidavit of Financial support
• Certificates of extracurricular activities
• Score cards of SAT/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT
• Resume for MBA Students, etc

Why Apply Through West Highlander?

The team West Highlander has more than 15 years of experience in the immigration industry. We abide by the latest rules and regulation of the industry so that we can process admission applications effectively. Our team is experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. The director of West Highlander- Ms Parwinder Kaur is a qualified Canada course graduate agent. To apply for the best colleges and universities in Canada, consult the experts of West Highlander.