Best Universities in Germany Accepting IELTS 6

Germany is widely known among international students for its enriching prospects and easier program requirements. Engineering, IT, Medicine and finance all core areas related to STEM are highly in demand career opportunities for international students. Germany offers several benefits associated with international education and an enriching culture. The Universities in Germany have easier requirements for studying in Germany and numerous universities which accept IELT 6.

Study in Germany Requirements

  1. Good academic records from recognized schools and college/university.
  2. Transcripts of Marks and academic records
  3. Blocked Account to show funds
  4. Language Proficiency Requirement IELTS requirement
  5. Valid Passport
  6. Letter of Motivation
  7. Work Experience (In case any)
  8. Gap Justification (In case any)

Admission to a German University with IELTS 6

Admission to German Universities is possible with an IELTS 6 score. While there may be universities where the admission may be possible with a lower score but majority universities accept a score of IELTS 6 or higher. Further, International students should keep in mind that in order to be at ease in Germany have working proficiency of Germany is wise. Many universities have courses which are taught in German and English language both or either.

Universities in Germany that Accept IELTS 6

  1. Free University of Berlin

Free University of Berlin is one of the principal institutions in the country; the University is one of the few universities funded both by state and federal government. For providing international standards of education and promoting international students through the globe, Berlin’s Free University has a funding program- Excellence Initiative, offering highly competitive international research centers of excellence. For meeting the admission requirements at the university, the English proficiency for bachelors and masters programs is minimum IELTS 5.

  1. Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin)

Technical University of Berlin is another university in Germany which is accepting IELTS 6.  Offering programs in multiple areas, TU Berlin is one of the most sought after universities in Germany. Student bodies at TU Berlin participate in organizations in climate control, food waste prevention, and positive energy. There are several scholarships that one can opt for in order to study at TU Berlin.

  1. University of Freiburg

University of Freiburg is situation along the Rhine River, the university is first to be established in the urban city in 1457 and is ranked among premier institutions in Germany. The university excels in academics by offering programs in natural/social sciences, engineering and medicine. The university has a lower IELTS requirement that IELTS 6 overall score. The minimum IELTS requirement for studying in Germany at university of Freiburg is IELTS 5.5.

  1. University of Göttingen

University of Göttingen is another university in Germany accepting IELTS 6. The university is focused on research and innovation and provides the best environment for its students. The university further provides top notch academic facilities and state of the art tools and technologies. The institution is currently offering more than 200 courses and programs for international students.

  1. Ruhr University

Ruhr University is another university offering best programs and courses and accepting IELTS 6. The university is known for short RUB, Ruhr University has a large student body and huge pool of funding. This has added to the research programs of the university being recognized on the global scale. The study body currently accounts for 40,000 plus students.

  1. Leibniz University Hannover

Leibniz University offers programs in various disciplines such as natural sciences, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and even law & economics. The university ranks among the nine top technology institutions. The English proficiency requirement varies for the level of course. For bachelors and masters program in Germany the university requirement is minimum 5.5 and higher depending on the course.

  1. University of Konstanz

University of Konstanz is another university accepting IELTS 6. The university encourages each student to pursue their interests and provides a platform for the same. University provides cutting edge technology and expert and renowned faculty members providing individualized attention to students. The minimum language proficiency requirement at the university is IELTS 5.5. However, aiming high can be appreciated as more possibilities of disciplines and programs open up for international students.

  1. University of Leipzig

University of Leipzig is another university and one of the old universities established 6 centuries ago.  The university has quite a contemporary architecture and academic curriculum. With courses and programs harnessing student’s academic skills and faculties constantly driven towards better academic outcomes, the university accepts IELTS 6 for study in Germany.

So, to conclude there are several universities in Germany accepting IELTS 6. Additionally, there are universities where the requirement is low of 5.5 however, it is best advised to score on the higher side to improve chances of success with study in Germany visa. For selecting the best programs, universities and ensuring your requirements for studying  in Germany are met one must contact study in Germany consultants for licensed services.