Budget and cost of study in UK for Indian Students

While planning to study overseas, expenses are the major concern for most Indian Students. UK is one of the highly reputed countries when it comes to quality education and amazing landscapes. The unique educational system of UK allows the students to explore and develop analytic and creative skills. The country also offers various scholarships and financial support for international students to cover their cost of study in UK.

Do you want to know more about the budget and cost of study in UK for Indian Students? If yes, then stick with us to get a complete financial plan assessment about study costs in UK for international students:-

Tuition fees at Public universities/colleges in UK for Indian students

There are nearly 160 universities and colleges in UK that offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in different disciplines. The study cost in UK public universities can be significantly high as compared to study cost for home students. For Indian students, it can range from 6,869 GBP to 15,457 GBP (691746 INR to 1556606 INR) depending upon the level of the study program, course type, study duration, and the university.

Tuition fee at private universities and colleges in UK for Indian students

Tuition fee for international students in UK private universities is often higher than Public universities. However, you can find a few courses that are less expensive in private colleges/Universities in UK. Here students can expect to pay anywhere from 8,586 GBP to 30,053 GBP per year (8, 64,658 INR to 30, 26,505 INR). Students can visit to https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/register-of-licensed-sponsors-students to check the list of educational institutes in UK licensed to sponsor migrate students under the student and child student routes.

Tuition fees for study in UK – At different levels of study programs

Along with the university, your tuition expenditure is also highly influenced by the course type and degree level. The UK study level involves Bachelor’s programs, Master’s programs, Ph.D, M.Phill, and more.

Cost of undergraduate study in UK for Indian Students

The Bachelor’s program can be of 3 to 4 years duration. Depending upon the course type and individual university the cost of study in UK can vary significantly. International tuition fees for a Bachelor’s degree can range from 8,585 GBP TO 32,630 GBP (8, 64,557 INR to 32, 86,023 INR).

Interestingly, the tuition fee for Humanities and social science courses is less compared to other disciplines. Clinical and medical courses (>41,213 GBP/ 41, 50,379 INR) are the most expensive degrees in UK.

Cost of Postgraduate study in UK for Indian Students

The Master’s degrees and doctoral degrees in UK are competitive. The cost of study for Master’s in UK can start anywhere from 9,445 GBP (9, 51,164 INR) and reach up to 27,478 GBP (27, 67,188 INR). Depending upon the Ph.D. program you decide to peruse it can range anywhere from 12,880 GBP (12, 97,088 INR) to 38,645 GBP (38, 91,767 INR).

Students must note that some of the Ph.D. and other researched-based programs can be partially or fully funded by the Govt.

The Medical and MBA program (can range from 41,213 GBP/ 41, 50,379 INR to 49,812 GBP/ 50, 16,347 INR) are the most expensive degrees in UK.

Note: The duration of Degree programs is shorter in UK compare to other countries like USA. Thus, the student can expect to spend less compared to pursuing the same degree programs from competitive countries where Bachelors is of 4 years and masters is of 2 years. For detailed guidance on study in UK visit to West Highlander, one of the trusted names in the world of study in UK consultant.

Accommodation cost in UK

For accommodation, Indian students can choose to take residence facilities offered by the educational institute or can stay outside the campus. Students living cost in UK fairly depends upon the region of the country you live and type of accommodation. Living cost in Capital city of UK (London) is quite expensive compare to outside the city. Accommodation cost in London can be 107 GBP per week (10,775 INR) while it drastically falls to 70 GBP/ week (7,049 INR) to the rest of the UK. Most of the UK universities and colleges facilitate halls of residence for foreign students. The Campus residency option is affordable compare to the studio and shared apartments. The hall of residence can cost 343 GBP TO 515 GBP/month (34,542INR TO 51,863 INR) including the bills. The rental apartment in UK can range from 300 GBP to 558 GBP (30,211 INR TO 56,193 INR) excluding the bills and other expenditures like bills for local community services.

Other living expenses for international students to study in UK

Apart from accommodation, other living expenditures that Indian students should add to their Budget list are:

  • Electricity and Gas bill –34 GBP /month (3,423 INR)
  • Food cost –137GBP/month (13,796 INR)
  • Mobile and internet cost – 25 GBP/month (2,517 INR)
  • Books and stationary- 25 GBP (2,517 INR)
  • Travel and Transport –27 GBP (2,719 INR)

Note: The cost of living in UK for Indian students can significantly vary depending upon the lifestyle to tend to afford.

Scholarship for study in UK

Getting a scholarship is the best bet for you if you wish to support your finances in an expensive country like UK. Below is a list of Scholarships provided by Govt. and different universities that you can apply for different study levels:-

  • Goa Education Trust Scholarships
  • Queen Mary University Scholarships
  • University of Westminster Scholarships
  • British Chevening Scholarships for International Scholarships
  • GREAT Scholarships
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarship

Cost of study visa

The UK study visa cost 299 GBP (30,110 INR). Other than this, students also need to show required evidence of Funds in their bank account.

Note – for calculation 1GBP has been taken equivalent to INR 100.80 per current approximate exchange rate.