Can I study in New Zealand with study gap?

I would like to apply for my New Zealand student visa. I have gap in study. How would that impact my Study in New Zealand visa application?
Gap in your studies may cause issues with your genuine intent to study in New Zealand. In your New Zealand student visa application the case officer assesses if you are a bonafide applicant or not.
There are many aspects the case officer takes into consideration while assessing this. Your academic profile is one of them. The case officer would be closely looking into your academic background and asses all the factors. Any unexplained gap may create serious issues. If you have genuine explanation for the time period supported by documentary evidence then this gap may not be a problem. So it’s very important that your study in New Zealand visa consultant discusses with you in detail your circumstances that led to gap in your studies and suggest you appropriate solutions.
One of the scenarios maybe that you are 12th standard pass out with science in Non medical stream. You passed your 12th standard 2 years back with good percentage. You dropped your studies at that time to prepare for some engineering entrance exams as you wished to do Engineering from your home country. Unfortunately you could not secure a seat in a good engineering college. You tried for 2 years for that and now you wish to pursue your further Study in New Zealand. Now this situation is not negative. This is not a gap as you were in engaged in preparing and appearing for entrance exams. This indicates that you have clear pathway for your future. Your first option was to do engineering from here. As you could not succeed you are applying for New Zealand student visa.
There may be other situations also. You need to discuss minutely and mention all these points in your statement of purpose. We at West Highlander have till date helped many student purse their study in New Zealand dream and have dealt with cases who did not have any academic studies for some time but had genuine reasons for not pursuing their studies. Ms Parwinder Kaur one of the key team members of West Highlander is a licensed Immigration Adviser having full license from Immigration Adviser Authority New Zealand and have successfully helped many students and their spouses go to New Zealand.