Canada Course Graduate

Study in Canada- Canada Course Graduate Consultant in Chandigarh

Canada is considered one of the best destinations for International students to study and live.  It provides students world-class educational opportunities.  With an education system with that of Canada, education agents play an important role in providing students advice, counsel and placement assistance to prospective students and their families as well.


Government of Canada wants to ensure that students who choose to take services of Education Agents have access to informed ethical professionals who have the most current and accurate information about study in Canada.

Canada Course Graduates have in depth knowledge of Canada’s education system and have access to resources which helps international students to study in Canada at the most appropriate institutes and in the best programmes for their goals.

Canada Course Graduates have knowledge study options available in Canada, information about how to choose to course, how to apply to study, cost associated with the studies, scholarships available for international students.

To become a Canada Course Graduate one has to have an in-depth knowledge about Canada education as well as the complete process and pass a test.

 By taking the Canada Course graduate, agents are given a firm foundation in the Canada’s education system and gain access to resources which helps international students study in Canada.  A Canada Course Graduate Agent understands why Canada is one of the best study destinations in the world.  He/she has in-depth knowledge of how to apply to study in Canada, what are the costs and which scholarships are available to students. A Canada Course Graduate also gives students tips about how to prepare for study and living in Canada.


Ms. Parwinder Kaur, Director of West Highlander is a Canada Course Graduate and is equipped with the most accurate and current information about studying in Canada and choose relevant study program. To choose a relevant study program is very crucial for application success of study in Canada.  Canada course graduates are well equipped to help you within that. West highlander has knowledge and expertise to guide you properly through your process of study in Canada.

We are one of the first 10 Canada course graduates in India and have all the resources of knowledge to give you accurate and transparent advice.