Canada Immigration Requirements 2021

Canada Immigration requirements 2021


With a growing number of people showing interest in moving to Canada there has been a large number of Canada immigration programs which have been launched to ease economic migration of the young and talented. Additionally, the new numbers announced for the current and next two years of 1.2 million immigrants who would be welcomed has created greater interest among people to know the Canada Immigration requirements 2021. Canada is not only known for the pristine beauty it has to offer but numerous economic growth opportunities in terms of global industries and brands situated in this country popularly known as Great White North. Additionally, the thought of living in a multicultural society which has to offer the comfort and warm of living at home away from home is one of the strongest factors which have resulted in more and more people aspiring and seeking answers for Canada Immigration requirements 2021.

Our Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh have created the most widely searched queries and have provided with clear answers for all the candidates looking for complete information on Canada immigration requirements 2021.


Canada Immigration programs for 2021


There are several Canada Immigration programs 2021 to assist economic immigration. Candidates planning to apply for Canada PR from India can choose from different programs which are to assist them in meeting the programs requirements and apply for Canada PR based on their choice and need.

Some of the most popular and widely selected Canada PR programs offering faster processing time are:


  1. Express Entry-Federal Skilled Worker Program



Express entry is an economic immigration program with three categories of programs-Federal Skilled Worker Program for experienced skilled workers in jobs listed in National Occupation list of Canada under level 0, A and B. Federal Skilled Trades program for trade person in jobs listed in NOC level B and C . Canada Experienced class is another program which offers experienced employees already in Canada to apply for Canada PR. Complete information about NOC is listed on the official Canada immigration portal. Express Entry offers faster processing time. One needs to complete the requirements of the program and create an online express entry profile. You need to score minimum of 67 points for your profile to be eligible. Consult your Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh to get complete information on the same. On creating your express entry profile you would be ranked against other profiles in the express entry pool through comprehensive ranking system or CRS. On being selected from the pool if you make the cut you would be issued an invitation to apply and can submit documents for Canada PR.



  1. Provincial Nominee Program


In case you wish to settle in a particular province then you could apply to express entry linked provincial nominee program for Canada. There are various provinces in Canada offering Canada PR program through which in case you have a genuine interest in residing and working in  a particular province you can settle in Canada through Canada PNP program. Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Alberta are few of the popular provinces offering PNP program for Canada PR. You would have to see the requirements of the particular province and state your expression of interest for the province. One of the benefit of applying for provincial nominee program is that in case of being nominated by the province you would get 600 bonus CRS points towards your profile which increases your chances of getting Canada PR.


  1. Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Program


Quebec is another province with an exception to Canada Immigration requirements 2021. Being a French-speaking province it has its own requirements. The Quebec immigration new rules and requirements are alike to express entry with one exception of applying for Quebec Selection Certificate. For which you need to meet the requirements of the province and score 50 points towards your profile.  On obtaining the CSQ you could apply to IRCC and complete the documentation process after receiving ITA for Canada PR.



Canada immigration requirements 2021


Express Entry : Canada immigration requirements 2021


Following are the requirements for express entry for Federal Skilled Worker Program:

  1. Minimum 1 year of skilled work experience along with your work experience listed in NOC level 0, A or B.
  2. Your age should be 18 or above. Maximum point for age are awarded to candidates between the age of 26-35.
  3. Language Proficiency skill or IELTS score of minimum 6 in each module of reading, writing, listening and speaking equal to CLB 7.
  4. Educational Qualification of minimum 12th. Higher your education more points you can claim for meeting the requirement. Further, you would have to get your foreign/Indian education approved by ECA or educational credential assessment authority which checks whether your education is up to Canadian education standard.
  5. Having a job offer is a bonus for claiming points but not mandatory.
  6. Your adaptability factor can include having a relative in Canada, spouse’s characteristics’-language, work experience and education points. Further, you would be required to provide financial sufficiency proof.


Provincial Nominee Program: Canada immigration requirements 2021


Following are the general requirements for PNP. However, you may have to meet specific requirements based on the province you are applying to:

  1. Educational Qualification minimum higher secondary and above and approved by ECA.
  2. Previous Work experience documents minimum timing dependent on the province.
  3. Language Proficiency Test score
  4. Age proof. Minimum 18 years at time of applying or above.
  5. Skill Work experience under NOC and match level of requirement of the province.
  6. Proof of finances.


Quebec Skilled Worker Program: Canada immigration requirements 2021

Quebec Skilled Worker Program requirements are:

  1. Educational Qualification requirement & Training
  2. Work Experience documents
  3. Age proof documents
  4. Language Proficiency IELTS minimum 6 in each module
  5. Adaptability factor –spouse characteristics, relatives in Quebec, job offer if any. Additionally, required proof of funds.




Canada Immigration processing time 2021


The processing time for Canada Immigration 2021 is 6 months on submission of a complete and successful application with verified and completed document requirements. It is wise to consult your Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh to avoid hassle-free and timely completion of Canada immigration requirements 2021.



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