Top 10 Advantages of Canada PR

Top 10 Advantages of Canada PR

Applicants planning to apply for Canada PR often wonder what are the numerous benefits one could avail of after becoming a PR holder. Here are the top 10 advantages of Canada PR in 2021.

#1 Thriving Economic Sector

Canada has an enormous economy that is considered one of the largest in the world. That is why it offers many employment opportunities for professionals from around the world. That is also why it is such an admired immigration destination. Different provinces offer economic opportunities such as Nova Scotia has opportunities for service sector professionals. British Columbia is famous for manufacturing, resource extraction and has a large hub of IT developments. Alberta is another IT hub and a major force in the Canadian IT sector.

#2 Career Opportunities

Canada is one of the best countries on the globe. The growing economy of the country offers numerous career opportunities for immigrants who plan to apply for Canada PR and settle in the country. There are numerous industries and provinces each having its own labor market requirement and looking for experienced professionals and talented young people. Canada appreciates your previous work experience and has a global market through which one can benefit enormously. If you ever dreamt of moving to Canada and take advantage of the global opportunities then applying for Canada PR in 2021 is surely helpful. Further, you can work for an employer of your choice.

#3 Civil Rights

The reason for Canada being a popular country among immigrants is the liberal civil rights system. One can enjoy all the rights and privileges as enjoyed by Canadian citizen except voting. Further one can become a full time citizen of Canada after 5 years of living in Canada. The Canadian government is open to welcome international immigrants and accepts immigrating talents with numerous benefits. The moral fiber of the nation is its diverse community and immigrants. The country offers safe and secure environment and permanent resident holders can enjoy a cultural blend.

#4 Free Healthcare

Canada offers free healthcare to all its citizens and PR holders. This means that you do not have to spend a single penny to get access to world class healthcare. This is one of the reasons why Canada has become a preferred choice. The free healthcare is without a doubt excellent and ensures patients are well taken care of when admitted for any healthcare service. Healthcare services do not cover eye and dental care. However, both eye care and dental care are covered by your employers so one should check with their employers to gain the benefit. You and your entire family members are covered by the free healthcare system.

#5 Free Education

The country offers free education from kindergarten up to graduation to all citizens and Permanent Residents. This means that your children will get a great beginning in life by enrolling in one of the best education systems in the world. As compared to other countries you would be saving a huge amount which is spent on quality education. Further, one would also get domestic tuition fee for colleges and universities which ensure you get high quality excellent education facility.

#6 Large Immigrant Presence

Canada has a wide Indian immigrant population and several other immigrants from other countries. These immigration communities are tightly knit and offer a support system to the new immigrants. This ensures one can easily transition from your own country to Canada easily. The racial violence and any acts of violence against ethnic minorities by far in Canada are not present. Canadian government support immigrating population and ensures high safety and status to the immigrants right from settling services to other benefits.

#7 Right to Mobility

With a Canada PR one can easily settle in any of the province one wishes too. Manitoba, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Nova Scotia are some of the most preferred locations. One can easily apply for express entry or Provincial Nominee program for Canada and settle in any of the provinces, work or study in the province. One can enjoy the benefit of the huge labor markets of each province and find work and employment opportunities as per their skills and talents.

#8 Travel Benefits

Another benefit of settling in Canada and holding permanent residency is that with a Canadian passport you can travel to several countries without having to apply for a visa. In case you wish to travel for work or leisure all you need to do is pack your bag and fly!

#9 Sponsor your Family members

Another benefit of getting a Canada PR is that you can sponsor your eligible family members-spouse, children, parents and grandparents through several programs. Your family members can benefit from your PR points and can gain success with their visa application. Further, your sponsored family members after moving to Canada can enjoy same rights and benefits just as you.

#10 Easier to buy your first home

The first time home buyers are usually expected to pay 20% down payment. However, first time home buyer incentive plan of Canadian government offers to sponsor 15% of the down payment amount which means you would only have to pay 5% down payment. This sponsored amount of the government is offered as a loan and one can avail the benefit by having a good credit score and having financial sufficiency to pay back.

#11 Maternity and Paternity leaves and benefits for New Parents

New parents who are accepting a child can benefit from one year of total maternity/paternity leave available. Further, one is paid 55% of the salary one has earned in the last 52 weeks additionally for new parents. Additionally, there are no expenses for delivery and maternity care. The only expense you might have to bear is the fare of the cab or parking your own vehicle which is marginal.

So in conclusion, there are numerous benefits of applying and availing a Canada PR which one can benefit from.

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