Easiest PNP program in Canada 2021

Easiest PNP program in Canada 2021

Provincial Nominee Program is a promising opportunity for applicants who are planning to move to Canada and wish to settle particularly in a province. A common query among applicants is which is the easiest PNP programs in Canada 2021 are where the requirements are easier to fulfil and offer lucrative benefits of settling in Canada. Going forward we would be discussing some of the easiest provinces for applicants planning to apply for Canada PR.

Ontario Human Capital Priorities

Ontario is one such province on everyone list for settling abroad due to the plethora of facilities it offers. Ontario Human Capital Priorities stream offers applicants option of settling in the province. One would require an express entry profile to begin with. There is no such set list of occupations for this program however there are some that have been given priority in the past. In case you have experience in one of the six priority tech occupations. Software engineers and designers, computer programmers and interactive media developers, computer engineers, web designers and developer, database analysts and data administrators, computer and information managers are some of the popular job fields. Good news for applicants is that there is no such requirement for a job offer to apply for Ontario PNP. The language requirement is same as the express entry requirement that is IELTS 6.

Saskatchewan Express Entry

Another option for applicants wishing to settle in Canada is Saskatchewan. Applicants who have the desired skill set required by Saskatchewan labour market can easily settle in Canada with PR. You need to have an express entry profile and a minimum of one year experience along with occupations at NOC skill level O, A and B is considered. You do not need a job offer and the language requirement is same as the federal express entry that is CLB 7. Applicants must score 60 points out of 100 in SINP eligibility point’s grid.

Saskatchewan Occupation in demand

Is another option to be considered for easiest PNP programs! If your work experience is in the Saskatchewan Occupation in demand and you meet the other eligibility requirements you could consider this option. You do not require a job offer but your job or skill level should be in NOC O,A or B. You would not require an express entry profile for the same. One year of work experience prior is required to apply for this program. Language requirements are easier as compared to other express entry program that is CLB 4. You would be required to score at least 60 points out of 100 on the SINP Eligibility Points Grid.

Manitoba Family Support PNP

Manitoba PNP is another program which offers easiest PNP options for applicants looking for one. Manitoba PNP has a unique feature where in case you have a family member in the province through blood relations then they can support your application process. One must prove strong ties to the province which can be done through the sponsor’s support. Your family member can be living in Manitoba for at least one year, could be Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Further your family member must have a steady job to support your application process.

Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry/Nova Scotia PNP

Is another option for easier PNP programs for applicants planning to settle in Nova Scotia. In case your work experience is in the target occupations list in demand in the province you could apply through Nova Scotia PNP. Nova Scotia however reserves the right to offer ITA. Nova Scotia PNP applicants can apply for the PNP in case their work experience falls under NOC O, A or B. Plus you do not need a job offer. One must have minimum one year of work experience and language requirement are same as express entry that is CLB 7 or IELTS 6 in each module of reading, writing, listening and speaking. 67 points out of 100 are required to apply under Nova Scotia PNP.


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