Canada Study Visa 2021:  Plan your timeline for Canada Admissions

Canada Study Visa 2021:  PLAN YOUR Timeline for Canada Admissions


Are you planning to apply for Canada study visa in the upcoming year? If the answer is yes! You have reached the right destination. Whether you are looking got to enroll for a graduate course degree or a Master’s degree Canada is an ideal place for international students. Multicultural environment, globally recognized universities, technical schools, applied arts and science institutions that can provide you plethora of options to choose from Canada is the place for Indian and foreign students.

With nearly 30 universities in Canada ranking in the 300 international universities in the world as per worldwide rankings of Times Higher Education and QS rankings the quality of Canadian Higher education is undefeated.

Here is how the university application process for Canada study visa 2021 timeline for admissions will look:



Step 1 Choose the discipline for 2021 Canada Admission


Here are some of the popular courses opted for Canada Admission by students:


  1. MBA
  2. Computer Science and IT
  3. Finance and Business
  4. Core Engineering
  5. Engineering Management
  6. Physical and Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy
  7. Agriculture Science and Forestry
  8. Biosciences, Medicine and Healthcare
  9. Media and Journalism
  10. Mathematics, Statistics and Analytics
  11. Psychology
  12. Human Resources
  13. Architecture
  14. Hospitality
  15. Education






Step 2 Consider Canadian University for 2021 Canada Admission


Here are some top Canadian Universities to ease your 2021 Timeline for Canada Admissions:

  1. University of British Columbia
  2. Thompson Rivers University
  3. Brock University
  4. Mount Allison University
  5. University of Regina
  6. University of Toronto
  7. McGill University
  8. University of Alberta
  9. McMaster University
  10. University of Ottawa


Step 3 Prepare to Apply



  1. Once you shortlist some university options ensure that they are DLI or Designated learning institution. This implies that Canada recognizes them as trustworthy places to study.
  2. Consider the tuition cost and other expenditures for which you need sufficient funds.
  3. Thoroughly research the subject you are planning to study and the language of study as Canada is a bilingual country so subjects are taught in English and French both.
  4. Ensure your grades meet the requirement of the institute you are applying to in 2021 for Canada Admission. Many Universities require 70% and above grades. Also higher grades ensure a higher chance of getting enrollment.
  5. Check the requirements of admission such as Language proficiency score and documents required.
  6. See if you are eligible for any scholarship program.


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Step 4 Meet the language proficiency requirement


  1. Now your job is to meet the language proficiency requirements.
  2. Students in Canada can choose from a large range of English as well as French-taught degrees.
  3. Based on which language you decide to study in, you will have to prove your expertise level.
  4. The main English language tests accepted by top universities are IELTS/TOEFL/C1 Advanced.
  5. For French tests accepted by Canadian Universities is DALF/DELF/TEF/TCF.


Step 5 Collect the documents required for 2021 Canada admission


You would require some documents to apply to Canadian University for admission. Some common documents include:

  1. Transcripts/Mark sheets
  2. Application form accurately filled
  3. Statement of Purpose
  4. Language Proficiency score
  5. Sufficient financial funds to support your stay and academic life



Step 6 Apply before the Canada application deadline


  1. Canada Universities have three 2021 timeline for Canada admissions: Fall intake/ Winter intake and Summer Intake.
  2. Your plan should be to apply in the first two intakes to ensure you adapt the Canadian culture and also get the best offers for Canada study program. Your Canada study abroad consultant is your best guide to assist you in choosing the best course in the right time.
  3. Also to ensure your increased chance of being accepted it is best to apply 8-12 months before the course begins.
  4. You would receive the LOA from university one or two months after application deadline are closed.






Step 7 Receiving Acceptance letter and further process


  1. After you receive your acceptance letter (LOA) you will reach the final steps of your Canada study abroad dream.
  2. You would need to settle your insurance plans in order and arrange for your accommodation and other requirements.
  3. You would have to settle your health insurance depending on the place of your study in Canada program. As each province has different health insurance amount you need to see to the same.
  4. You would require a Canada study permit and would need to apply for it soon after receiving your LOA.
  5. Buy your plane ticket once you get a confirmation for your Canada study visa.
  6. Now officially enroll at the university after arriving in Canada to confirm that you would be starting your classes in the university you have selected.


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