Canada study visa full cost from India

Studying abroad is a very crucial and important decision of international student’s life. It involves a lot of research about various things so that the student and the family can make an informed decision.

Along with researching about the type of course for study in Canada, The university or college in Canada, the location of further study in Canada, Available intakes, the applicants and the family also need to know the cost associated with each of the steps in Canada study visa. This article is about Canada study visa 2022 full cost from India.

Firstly we would be mentioning the complete steps in Canada student visa process. After the steps we would be breaking down the cost associated with each step.

Steps involved in Canada study visa from India 2022

After the students have chosen a relevant and reasonable course and shortlisted the university or college for further study the students start the process of Canada student visa for their study in Canada

Following are the major cost associated with your Study in Canada application

  • Admission application cost
  • Tuition fee cost
  • GIC cost
  • Health examination cost
  • Canada student Visa embassy fee cost
  • Passport visa stamping cost
  • Airfare cost for travel to Canada

Canada study visa full cost from India step by step

Admission application cost

Pay for admission application Send admission application to college for offer letter

This is the first step of your study in Canada application. International students need to pay an application fee at this stage. The fee may vary depending on College or university you wish to do the course. It is not a very big amount. It may range from Canadian dollars 75 to Canadian dollars 150. Your Canada study visa consultant can guide you about this.

Tuition fee cost for Canada study visa

Pay for tuition fee- Get letter of Acceptance that is LOA from the college or University

This is the second cost associated with your Study in Canada application. Students after getting the offer letter need to pay for the tuition fee. The average tuition fee annually is as below

  • Diplomas about Canadian dollars 15000 per year
  • Bachelors degree about Canadian dollars 20000 per year
  • Associate degrees about Canadian dollars 15000per year
  • Graduate certificates about 18000 Canadian dollars per year
  • Masters degree about Canadian dollars 22000 per year

Students may have the option to pay for 6 months of tuition fee. It is highly recommended that the students pay tuition fee deposit of full one year. If the Canada student visa application falls under SDS category then payment of one year of tuition fees is compulsory. SDS processing of your Canada study visa application has got its own advantages.

GIC certificate Cost

 Pay for GIC for your Canada study visa

As a part of their Canada student visa application international applicants are required to have their cost of living for their stay in Canada. GIC is an excellent way to prove that you have the required finances for your stay in Canada while on study visa. The requirement is to have a minimum amount of Canadian dollars 10000 in your GIC account

Pay for health examination

Get medical done for Canada study visa

Health examination is another cost associated with your study in Canada application. Students are required to arrange their medical examination from the authorised doctors. Students need to book an appointment .The payment may depend on the doctor you are availing the services from. In India it may cost you from 4000 to 5000 Indian rupees.

Pay for Canada study visa embassy fee

Once the students have compiled their Canada student visa documentation they need to submit their application. At this stage the students are required to pay embassy fee which is currently Canadian dollars 150

Pay for Biometrics

The Biometrics is to be given by the applicants. The fee is Canadian dollars 85. This is paid along with the embassy fees.

Pay for visa stamping fee

Once the students have got the approval of the application they need to submit for visa stamping. At this stage the students need to pay the fees which is about Indian rupee 1800.

Pay for travel to Canada

Travelling cost is another expense. It would depend on the time you are travelling as well as the airline. Students need to check the current ticket rates for this.