Career in Advertising & Marketing in Australia, New Zealand and Canada

Advertisement and marketing is a very dynamic ever-growing field. Professionals having a qualification in this line are in demand. Every business small, medium sized or big requires talented and skilled Advertisement and marketing professionals who can market the business and the products effectively. In today’s competitive world marketing is one of the very crucial elements of a business. You need to market effectively in order to mark your presence among the customer.

Advertisement and marketing professionals develop market opportunities for new and existing products and services. They make advertising strategies and campaigns to support sales targets. These professionals support business growth and development by preparing and executing marketing policies and programs. As such these professional are highly in demand all over the world.

One of the important things to start a career in this ever dynamic field is to have a qualification in this line from a reputable college and University. Having a qualification from a country recognised world over gives you an option to have a career in a country

Job titles

  • Marketing communication Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing consultant
  • Marketing specialist
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Public relation professional
    Pay scale – median salaries annually at managerial level  (source

  • Australia $ 62898
  • New Zealand $ 77020
  • Canada $62000
  • Germany Euros 49176
    Careers in Australia in Advertisement and Marketing

    As per the current information available from Department of home affairs , Australia website Advertising Manager,  advertising specialist, Marketing specialist  are on the Combined list of eligible skilled occupations. This implies that you may have career in Australia in Advertising and marketing if you are qualified for the same and meet all other requirements.

    The number of advertising professional and marketing professionals is expected to have a very strong growth from74800 in 2018 to 84100 by 2023. The people who are in full time job earn around $1346 per week. The earnings grow based on your experience. The main industries hiring Advertisement and marketing professional are manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, professional, scientific and technical services. (

    Careers in New Zealand in Advertisement and Marketing

    Having a qualification from a New Zealand institute may make you eligible to have a career in Advertisement and marketing in New Zealand. As per the policy of INZ you may be eligible to apply for SMC if you complete the policy requirement. A qualification from a New Zealand makes you eligible to score points under SMC.

    The demand for professionals with digital marketing skills is high.  The students who are looking for a career in Advertisement and marketing can avail internships by Professional organisations such as The communication Agencies Association of New Zealand and the Marketing Association. The employment for the category of Sales Marketing and Public relation professionals grew by 1.6% between 2006 and 2013 and is further expected to grow by 2.8% by 2026.(

    Careers in Canada in Advertisement and Marketing

    A degree in Advertisement and Marketing from Canada can give you a good head start. Canada is a big country with every province having its requirement for profession.

    The outlook for this profession in some provinces is good and in some fair.

    The wage rate per hour ranges from $ 16 at the low end to $ 47.18 at the high end. This may depend upon your experience and the province you may wish to work in. (


    There is range of options for students to do this course from developed country like- Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany. Depending on your current qualification in your home country you may choose to do Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Graduate Diplomas, and Bachelors, Masters, and Post Graduate Diplomas, Associate degree in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Germany.