Part time Jobs and Salary in Canada for International students

Part time Jobs and Salary in Canada for International students

Canada has witnessed an influx of students every year due to the friendly immigration policy which welcomes thousands of students every year. For studying in Canada student visa requires the applicant to have a GIC account with CAD $10,000 along with ensuring tuition fee paid to the designated learning institute. A major concern among international students is to bear and ensure they pay the next semester fee themselves. Almost all the international students for this purpose ensure they find part time jobs to earn some cash and be able to bear their living expenses. While a student’s expenditure depends on the location of the university, housing accommodation, books and course supplies, utility bills and various other miscellaneous expenses, having a part time job in Canada can contribute towards your financial sufficiency and provide you experience. On an average an international student needs around CAD $15,000 annually to bear all the expenses which does not include the health insurance. There are more than thousands Canadian part time jobs which offer students several options to choose from.

Going forward we will discuss part time jobs and salaries in Canada for International students.

Types of Part time Jobs in Canada for International students

Before we discuss the various type of part time jobs in Canada it is important to know that international students can work 20 hours per week and can work extra hours or full time during their breaks and holiday season. There are different types of part time jobs:

Off Campus Work:According to IRCC an international student can work off campus during the course of their study. International students planning to work off campus during the course of their study can work without a work permit on meeting the following requirements:

  1. An international student should have a valid study permit
  2. They should be enrolled in a full time course at a designated learning institute or DLI (Your college or university should be a designated learning institute).
  3. The international student should be enrolled at DLI for post secondary studies or studying a vocational programme in case of Quebec at secondary level.
  4. Your course should be for at least six months duration of academic, vocation or professional training nature that results in degree, diploma or certificate.
  5. International students can work off-campus as interns, research assistants or coordinators, bank tellers, customer service representatives or in restaurants as servers, hosts or cooks. In stores one can work as customer service representatives, cashiers, designers of store displays, etc.

 Work on campus:

Is a convenient options for international students to combine their studies with work without having to go out for work. Working on campus is a perfect option for students and they can work on campus as bookkeepers in libraries, assistants in libraries, receptions, assistants to teachers and faculty or as interns, university stores and restaurants as help staff and various roles, cafes and coffee shops.

Co-op student or intern
Part Time Jobs and Salary in Canada for International Students

There are various academic programs which provide students with mandatory work experience as part of their curriculum. In such courses usually called co-op the students get to explore work opportunities and diversify their portfolios. These co-op opportunities can be paid programs. Student’s needs to however apply for such programs with study and work permit both.

Average part time salaries in Canada for international students

The average salary for Part-Time jobs is CAD $ 42,565 per year or CAD $22 approximately per hour. Students are usually paid by the hours for their part time jobs which is approximately around CAD $10.

Job Average Wages per hour
Drivers $18
Web Designers $24
Writers/Editors $30
Music teachers $26
Tutors $27
Dog Walkers $14
Cook $15
Sales associate $14
Bartender $15
Cashier $14
Merchandiser $14
Customer Service Representative $14
Clerks $16
Laboratory Technician $20

How to find part-time jobs in Canada for International students?

All the colleges and universities have advertised sections of on-campus and off-campus jobs available on their bulletin boards. Further one can find jobs on various online portals too.

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