Career in Australia and New Zealand in Environmental Science

Environmental Science, a field which encompasses study of biological, information, chemical and physical sciences to deal with the environmental problems and understand the natural environment. Environmental studies and environmental engineering are the related arenas of study. The former incorporates understanding of human perceptions, needs, relation, behavior and policies towards environment; this is more of social science while the later emphasizes upon design and technology to improvise the natural environment.

Environmental Science sphere is gaining plenty of importance from masses owing to the deteriorating condition of environment and depleting natural resources. The issues like pollution mitigation, plastic usage, raising piles of garbage, global warming, depletion of ozone layer, exhausting energy sources, water, etc. have raised the concern and is calling for an alarming change.

The field is for those who aim to work towards protecting and boosting the environmental health. These days industries, businesses and government bodies; all have separate environmental policies and to keep up with the regulations, they require environmentalists; therefore there is huge career scope in environmental science.

The profiles one can opt for include Environmental Scientist, Environmental Education Officer, Environmental Consultant, Sustainability Consultant, Environmental Engineer, etc.

Career in Australia in Environmental Science field

For those planning to establish a career in Australia must know that Australia is leading on the track of earth and environmental care. The first ever Earth Hour in 2007 was held in Sydney, Australia. Owing to the immense gravity laid on the subject, there are huge career opportunities in Australia in this field.

The Environmental Science graduates who have earned qualification from Australian Universities and international students as well can opt for a career in this field in Australia.

The average annual salary of an Environmental Engineer in Australia is in the range of $50,620 – $102,269. The salary is 1.7 times higher than the median salary in the country. The various companies that provide prospective career in Australia include Arcadis Inc., Aecom Corporation, CDM Smith, Tetra Tech Inc., Environ International Corporation (EIC), etc.

Career in New Zealand in Environmental Science field

To establish a lucrative career in New Zealand in Environmental Science field, one needs to grab appropriate qualification from a recognized institution. The opportunities for Environmental Scientists are quite promising in New Zealand due to shortage of manpower and the salary ranges between $49,000 and $85,000. The Environmental Scientist with a doctoral degree earns from $65,000 to $130,000 according to the report of Environmental Protection Authority.

Conclusion: The career prospects and salary ranges are quite similar in both the countries, though it completely depends on individual preference in which country you want to go to. If you are planning to study in Australia or New Zealand so as to establish a career in any of the countries later on, contact out experts at West Highlander Career Consultancy. Our director is PIER certified study in Australia counselor (by Australian High Commission) QEAC G002, a member of Association of Australian Education Representative in India – AAERI and also a study in New Zealand adviser licensed by Immigration Adviser Authority – IAA, New Zealand.