CELPIP or IELTS for Canada PR - What's the difference between the tests.

CELPIP or IELTS for Canada PR? What’s the difference between the tests?

For applying for Canada PR whether an applicant applies for express entry or directly for a provincial nominee program the point system for success is based on getting higher points. These points are awarded for applicant’s age, work experience, educational qualification, language proficiency and adaptability factor. A good language test score can help you score more points towards your Canada PR profile. This helps candidates increase their chances of Canada PR. A common query among applicants applying for Canada PR is which exam CELPIP or IELTS is easier or better. Another common query among applicants is what is the difference between the tests that is IELTS and CELPIP?

Going forward we shall discuss complete details of CELPIP vs. IELTS for Canada PR.

Language Proficiency and Point system for Canada PR

 Language proficiency is one of the important requirements for migrating to any English speaking country. Whether you are applying for a study program or PR to Canada, language tests play an important role. For Canada PR a candidate applying in express entry or Canada PNP program the minimum points to qualify are 67 out of 100. Maximum points of 24 are available for language proficiency. A candidate with a high test score on their IELTS or CELPIP can benefit with more points for their PR profile. The minimum IELTS requirements for federal skilled worker program are 6 in each module that is CLB 7. For CELPIP you need a score of 7 in each module that is CLB 7.

Difference between the Tests- CELPIP & IELTS

CELPIPCELPIP or Canadian English Language Proficiency Index program is a computerized test used for immigrants planning to apply for PR and Canadian citizenship. CELPIP test has 2 categories CELPIP general is used for Canada PR programs such as express entry, federal skilled worker program, Canadian experience class and Canada PNP programs. CELPIP general LS, is used for Canada citizenship applicants for listening and speaking modules. CELPIP test format is similar to that of IELTS. Applicants would be tested on four sections-Listening, reading, writing and speaking. A larger difference between the two tests is that CELPIP is complete in 3 hours duration in a single day. While for IELTS the speaking module is completed separately.

CELPIP formatCELPIP test is a computerized test where scores are divided from 1 to 12 for 4 sections of English test- reading, writing, listening and speaking as per CLB levels.  Listening session has 7 sections and total time of 40-45 minutes is available, Reading session has 4 sections and you get around 60 minutes. In writing session 2 sections are available email writing and answering survey questions to be attempted in 60 minutes, speaking session is for 15-20 minutes with short answer questions.

Cost of CELPIP exam in IndiaFor Applicants planning to give CELPIP for Canada PR from India the current cost is 10845 plus taxes.

Location of CELPIP examCurrently CELPIP exam in India is conducted at three locations- Chandigarh, New Delhi and Ahmadabad.

Duration of CELPIP examThe exam duration is 3 hours and the exam is conducted for all the modules in a single day.

Result DeclaredThe results for CELIP are declared in 4-5 business days.

CELPIP validityYour CELPIP test results are valid for 2 years from the date of test.

Difficulty Level of CELPIPAs the exam is completely computerized so for applicants who have a good typing speed and can work on a computer easily can find this test easier.

IELTSInternational English language testing system or IELTS is used for multiple purposes –Study, work and permanent residency. IELTS test has 2 categories- IELTS academics is used for study purpose. While IELTS general test is used for applying to an English speaking country for permanent residency or work.

IELTS formatThe exam is available in computerized and pen-paper version. An applicant can choose between the two on which exam to give. The exam has 4 modules of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Reading session has 3 sections and you get 60 minutes to attempt. Listening section has 4 components and you get 40 minutes to attempt and another 10 minutes to transfer your answers. IELTS general Writing section has 2 sections letter writing and essay writing. For speaking session there are 3 sections which are tested in around 15-20 minutes.

Cost of IELTS exam in IndiaThe current cost of IELTS general from India is INR 14000 for both computerized and pen and paper type.

Location of IELTS examIELTS exams are conducted all through India at multiple locations. Cambridge has 2 organizations British Council and IDP both conduct these exams at several locations.

Duration of IELTS exam– The IELTS exam takes 3 hours for reading, writing, and listening. While the speaking section is conducted separately on a different date.

Result DeclaredIELTS computerized test results are declared in 5-7 days while pen and paper IELTS test take around 14 days.

IELTS validityIELTS test scores are valid for 2 years from the date of the test.

Difficulty Level of IELTSFor candidates who are comfortable writing their answers the pen and paper test is more suitable. For candidates with good typing speed and comfort with working on the computer can appear for the computerized test. Speaking module test needs to be given in front of an examiner.

Which exam is easier CELPIP or IELTS?

 There is no clear answer on which exam is easier as both work on the same principal and format. For applicants, who have a good writing practice can appear for pen and paper IELTS. While for applicants who have a good typing speed can appear for CELPIP or IELTS computerized. Further, one needs to check the purpose of giving the exam, location of the exam and the cost which can be factors for deciding which exam to give. CELPIP exam is accepted for permanent residency and citizenship only while IELTS exam can be given for study, work or PR.

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