Can I apply for Canada PR with just 1 year work experience?

Can I apply for Canada PR with just 1 year work experience?

The land of maple leaf, Canada is considered to be the leading pick for both foreign students and aspiring immigrant who wish to transition for permanent residency. The question many ask is can one apply for Canada PR with just 1 year of work experience? Well the answer is certainly yes and here it is how:

Federal Skilled worker and Federal Skilled Trades with 1 year work experience

  1. The most popular process to Apply for Canada PR for migrant workers is federal skilled worker or federal skilled trades program.
  2. This program aids aspirants to apply to almost all the provinces of Canada are it Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Ontario.
  3. One can apply under the categories of federal skilled worker or federal skilled trades to be considered eligible for Canada PR.
  4. Both these programs are under the express entry program which helps aspiring candidates to look for fast immigration process.

What are the benefits of Federal skilled worker Program?

  1. You need to have work experience of 1 year of 30 hours every week in the domicile country.
  2. In case of part time work he needs to provide proof to validate 15 hours in a week for a period of 2 years.
  3. Work experience needs to be under skill level O, A and B as per National occupation classification code of Canada.
  4. The process is simple and IELTS band of 6 and just a minimum of 67 points on grid to be eligible.
  5. The points on grid will be provided for your age, educational qualification, work experience and adaptability.

What are the benefits of Benefits of Federal skilled Trades program?

  1. It is the fastest and most popular route for migration to Canada for PR.
  2. The work experience requirement is just of continuous 2 years in the last 5 years.
  3. In case you have a job offer to work in Canada for 1 year you are eligible.
  4. The process is sure solution to apply for Canada PR with IELTS band requirement of 5 or CLB 5.

In a nutshell, it can be said that express entry can be a fruitful pathway for those who wish to apply for Canada PR. Further, the applicant should ensure that they apply for the program from a licensed IAA and member of ICARE Canada immigration agent for genuine guidance. West Highlander Immigration based in Chandigarh was established in 2005 has been successfully dealing with Canada PR applications. They are a team of professionals who provide you with efficient and transparent services.