Evaluate your Points for Skilled Migration Visa (PR) New Zealand

Skilled Migration New Zealand 

You can apply for skilled migration visa for New Zealand, if you have skills, qualifications and experience.   Your eligibility criteria would be evaluated on various factors.  There is a point system that considers your relevant skills and work experience for skilled employment that you have.  You must meet age, English language, health and character requirements.  The experts of West Highlander are going to share a brief guide on Skilled Migration New Zealand.

Requirements to Meet

 Firstly, the eligibility points of the candidate would be assessed and if found eligible, you would be required to submit an expression of interest in which candidates are required to claim points for your skills, age and experience, etc.  The EOI is drawn for those who have scored 140 points. The validity of their information provided would be checked and if their details are found genuine, they will be given Invitation to Apply (ITA).

After receiving invitation to Apply, you will be required to show evidence of the eligibility. You will be sent an application, where everything will be checked including your skills, documentation, medical, English language ability and police clearance certificates.

Before you send EOI (Expression of Interest), you can make use of point indicator to know how many points you can claim for your EOI.  You will be requiring atleast 100 points to be accepted in the selection pool. Currently, the points accepted are 160 or above. Application fees apply for this. You can check on the official website how much to pay and where to send paper forms.

After 2 weeks, the authorities select EOIs from their selection pool.  For every EOI selected, your points claimed points for your age, experience, qualification and employment. You may be invited to apply for residence of you meet the skilled migrant expression of interest selection criteria. You will be invited to apply for residence under the skilled migrant category.  It should include all the information you already supplied in your EOI and you may also be asked to provide documents to support your claims about your health, character, employability and English speaking ability. You application of residence may take upto 6 months. You may be contacted in between if there is anything needed to ask. Inviting you for the interview is also a part of the process.

Point Indicator

We are sharing point’s indicator down below. It should be used as a guide only. However, points may vary during the assessment of your visa application by an immigration officer.


  • Under 20 years                                                    0
  • 20-29                                                                    30
  • 30-30                                                                   25
  • 40-44                                                                   20
  • 45-49                                                                  10
  • 50-55                                                                  5


  • Recognized Level 3- Level 6                         40
  • Recognized 7 or 8                                         50
  • Level 9 or 10                                                  60

Work Experience

You have got work experience that is relevant to your skilled employment

  • 2 Years                                                       10
  • 4 Years                                                       15
  • 6 Years                                                      20
  • 8 Years 25
  • 10 Years or more 30


Close Family Member                                   10

If you have close family living in New Zealand, you will also get points. You will also need to provide documents suggesting you and your close family member are related.

Get Free Consultation and Assessment at West Highlander

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