Funds and Financial requirements for Canada Study Visa

Canada is a promising study destination among international students of both, developed and developing countries. The international students and their parents are often concerned about the funds and financial requirements that are required to be met to study in Canada. Today, we would like to explain about the financial requirements for attaining education in Canada.

  • Tuition expense – The tuition expense entirely depends upon the course undertaken and the educational institution. On an average, the expense can be $15,000.
  • Living expense – The international students are required to obtain a GIC of $10,000 for a year to meet the living costs in Canada.
  • Under Non-SDS, the international students are required to show adequate funds to cover tuition, living and travel expense.
  • Under SDS, there is no obligation on students to show funds for study in Canada.
  • With a family member – If any of your family members accompanies you to Canada, then additional $4,000 will be required to meet their living cost requirements.
  • Apart from above mentioned fees, there is visa application fee of about $150 that has to be paid for Canada study visa.

Having learnt about funds and financial requirements for Canada study visa, now you can arrange for the funds in time. In total, the expense is approximately $29,000 for a year. If you require more information regarding study in Canada, kindly contact West highlander Career Consultancy. We have 13 years of experience and expertise in facilitating study abroad process. Contact No. – 9915999677, 9915999766.