Provincial and Regional career options in Canada

Canada, a land of immigrants, has abundance of career options in various industries across the geographical territory. The politically stable, safe, beautiful and congenial environment of Canada attracts thousands of immigrants every year. The average annual disposable income in Canada is above US$ 23,900.

The various industries in which international students can opt for a prospective career in Canada are automotive industry, wood manufacturing industry, oil and petroleum industry, chemicals industry, civil and construction industry, logistics and supply chain, water and natural resources, tourism and hospitality, information technology, and marine and fishery.

Regional Career options in Canada

  • Information technology in Toronto: Toronto is the hub of IT companies and offers jobs in computer and electronic product manufacturing, telecommunications, internet service providers, web search portals and data processing services, computer systems design and other IT services. About 60% of the jobs are in computer systems design and services while 21.2% are in telecommunications. Various companies settled there have worldwide presence namely, Bell (BCE Inc.), Google, Cisco, IBM, Telus, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.
  • Automotive Industry in Windsor: Windsor is the fulcrum of Canada’s automotive industry with concentration of major engine operations, assembly plants of giant companies like Fiat Chrysler, Ford, Magna, Kautex and others here. One in every thirteen jobs is in auto industry in this region thereby, is a huge employment generator. There are ample of career options in Canada in this region for automobile engineers and related qualifications.
  • Wood Industry in British Columbia: The British Columbia Forest Industry encompasses three sectors – Wood product manufacturing, forestry and logging and paper manufacturing. In B.C., the industry has contributed 60,000 direct jobs and 80,000 indirect jobs approximately in the year 2016. For the managerial jobs in the industry, the median salary falls at around $100,000.
  • Marine & Fishery in Nova Scotia: The region exports fish and fish products of nearly $1 billion. The region is also known for exports of gypsum, wild berries, lobster, and Christmas trees to 90 countries. About 72,000 of the residents of the country earn their living from fishery and related activities. Aquaculture is another fastest growing sector worldwide and in Canada.
    Nova Scotia also has a considerably large film industry, hosting about 100 movies yearly for international movie and television producers.

  • Oil and Petroleum in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Labrador: The oil and gas well operator earns about $75,000 in Canada. The career options are quite promising in this industry owing to large oil reserves. The country is world’s 4th largest oil exporter and 5th largest oil producer. Alberta is Canada’s largest oil producing province.
  • There are other industries as well in Canada which are spread across all the regions of the country such as civil and construction (annual median salary – $80,000), education (annual median salary – $92,000), banking sector ($88.000 approximately), etc.
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