Qualified study in Canada Consultant

Canada is a highly in demand study abroad destination. The students from developing as well as developed countries are curious to gain education from Canada. But, it is not possible for any country to accommodate all the students who want to study there and they have to lay down an eligibility procedure and set of rules to accept only those students who qualify under the eligibility criteria; so is done by Canada. Among lengthy procedures and requirements, students often find it inconvenient to carry out the process by themselves and there they look out for a study abroad consultant.
There are hundreds of consultants in the market who are willing to lend the service but either they have incomplete information or are incompetent to perform the task. To solve this problem, ICEF introduced a course namely, The Canada Course for Education Agents (CCEA). The course provides foundation in Canada’s education system and its advantages, access to the resources with which they can help international students to study in Canada in the best possible institutions in their field of interest. The course provides people with the status of recognised Education Agents who dwell understanding of Canada as a study destination, study options in Canada, application process, cost requirement and scholarship opportunity, living and studying conditions in Canada and visa obligations. Due to these reasons, Canada course graduate Education Consultants or Agents have an edge over other agents who learn by hit and trial method.
The Canada course for Education Agents has various sections such as introduction about Canada, education system of Canada, language program, schooling education, university, colleges and polytechnic education providers in Canada, costs and scholarships, application requirements, living and promotion, etc. The course provides thorough understanding of the process and raises credibility of the study in Canada Consultants.
In Chandigarh, the best Canada course graduate Education Agent is Ms. Pawinder Kaur (Director of West Highlander Consultancy). Her Canada Course Graduate No. is CCG000999. She bears complete knowledge of the Canada visa process and has provided guidance to thousands of students till date. The visa success rate is also much higher owing to her expert knowledge and keen eye in scrutinising the case and providing appropriate guidance to the students. If you require any kind of information regarding study abroad, you can consult study in Canada Consultant – Ms. Parwinder Kaur at West Highlander. Contact No. – 9915999-677, 766.