Australia has become one of the fascinating places across the globe where every individual wants to go. So, if you are interested in visiting the country then you must apply with the visa that is visitor visa (subclass 600). This visa permits an individual to enter the country as a visitor or tourist, you can visit your family, you can start your business, or you can reside in the country on temporary basis. The validity of the visa is three, six and 12 months. The passport holders can only apply for this visa but an individual needs to understand that they won’t be getting the reply from embassy instantly as it takes some time. To be eligible for the visa you must ensure that all the requirements have been fulfilled efficiently.

There are four major streams associated to this visa and they are:

Tourist stream: This stream is for the individuals who are intending for traveling the country with the purpose of holidaying, recreational activities or for visiting the friends or family.

Business stream: This stream is for the people who are interested in visiting the country for the purpose of business which integrates the meeting of business, negotiations and conferences.

Sponsored stream: This stream is associated with the sponsoring of relatives and is for the person who wants to visit their family.

Approved destination stream: This is for the individuals who belong to the People’s Republic of China and are interested in visiting in the group.

To be eligible for this visa, an individual should meet the following qualifying criteria:

  • There must be the providing of identity documents such as passport to prove the individuality.
  • Relationship proof should be provided like marriage certificate.
  • There must be the providing of passport copy.
  • There should be the delivering of financial details while applying for the application.
  • The evidence associated with the school enrolment must be delivered.
  • The applicant should be delivering the evidence of health insurance.


For online application

  • The candidate is required to lodge the application through online and by ImmiAccount which can be accessed from the website of Australian government.
  • Once the lodging of application is lodged, the applicant is required to upload the documents that are required.
  • The purpose of visit should be clear.


Lodging In-Person

  • The applicant must be lodged at the Australian visa application centre (AVAC).
  • The applicant is required to ensure their presence through delivering the fingerprints or recognition of face.
  • At last, the individual should be attaching the receipt for the payment fees.

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