Here is the explanation to all your questions about study in Australia.

While deciding to Study Abroad international students have many questions in their mind. Australia is one of the favourite study abroad destinations. Here we would answer some of the questions which students aspiring to study in Australia have.
When the students start to prepare their Australia Student visa application the first thing that comes into their mind is about the process of Study in Australia. Firstly we will discuss about the process of Australia study visa

  • Select relevant course
  • Apply for offer letter
  • Clear the GTE Genuine temporary for Australia student visa entrant process. Here the students aspiring to study in Australia must note that GTE is very crucial part of your Australia study visa application. So students must be utmost careful about their Genuine temporary entrant process.
  • Pay your tuition fee and get COE- Confirmation of enrolment
  • Apply for your Australia student visa
    These are the steps which your study in Australia consultant can do for you. To file your Australia student visa application properly international students must avail the services of a study in Australia consultant who has got the experience and qualification to handle the Australia study visa application. Check the following before availing the services of study in Australia agent

  • Professional licences and certification
  • University college contracts
  • Experience with study in Australia applications
  • Success rate with Australia study visa applications
  • service charges
    Professional licences and memberships for Study in Australia are

  • EATC Qualified counsellor
  • MARA agent registered with office of MARA Australia
  • AAERI member
    If your study in Australia agent has these professional qualifications then the consultant is equipped to professionally file your Study in Australia application. A professional and qualified study in Australia consultant can guide you about the actual requirements of Australia study visa according to the policy which is very important for the success of your Australia study visa.
    The students have other questions like

  • What is the duration of the stay on while on Australia student visa?
    The duration of the stay is the duration of your course in addition to 2 months after the course finishes.

  • What are the visa conditions I need to observe while on student visa?
    You need to follow all your visa conditions listed on your visa letter. Some of the conditions of student visa are as below

  • You must maintain your health insurance
  • You must respect your work conditions
  • You must meet your course requirements
  • You must maintain your eligibility
  • You must obey the law